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ScottNintendo wrote:

I think he either means: the demand is so high there being sold out and then certain figures are being sold at high prices, or he wants to collect older figures which because limited are expensive.

I guess it depends on what country you live in also, because if you haven't got local stores that stock up, then if you live in a remote country shipping costs etc.

That still doesn't justify blaming retailers whom sold them at MSRP and now Scalpers are selling beyond the MSRP prices. They should call out the Scalpers and not blame retailers whom doesn't stock out of production Amiibos for the prices they are paying Scalpers for.



Any UK readers received Chrom (Smash 80) 3 weeks early like me?

Got it from the UK Nintendo store. Very odd as they are usually quite strict and adhere to release dates.


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