Topic: Which Minecraft clone on the 3DS is the best?

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My nephew loves Minecraft and his 2DS so I was wondering if any of the knockoff's on the eshop would be decent for him, and if so which one is the best. Thanks.



I have Cube Creator 3D and The Magic Hammer.

Out of the two, the best one for creative purposes is Cube Creator. It looks and feels more polished, and has that minecraft feeling to it. It features decently sized maps, optional biome settings and multiple texture packs you can use to change how the game looks. You can also share maps between creative and survival mode.

The "survival" mode is extremely barebones and meaningless though. So there's not much of a reason to play it.

The Magic Hammer is cheaper, and more focused on its adventure mode. It has an apparently endless world with towns and graveyards you must visit in order to beat the story. The gameplay is as repetitive as you might expect, but it can be enjoyed. There's not much of a reason to build anything in this mode, and even then you have an extremely limited amount of materials that may or may not be the same colors as seen in your menu. The blocks in this one are all solid colored, no textures.

It also has a creative mode, which gives you different colored blocks to work with, however, the color palette is somewhat limited and you always have the titular hammer taking up a third of the screen, so it's hard to appreciate your works.

It's worth mentioning that The Magic Hammer features online multiplayer, while Cube Creator does not. Cube Creator will get an update that allows local multiplayer though.


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Thanks, that was nice and detailed I really appreciate it.


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