Topic: What was your favourite 3DS Model?

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I held out for ages and only got the 'New XL' early 2019 in Dark Blue.



‘New’ in white.



New 3DS XL Pearl White.

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My favorite is the N3DS Mario white version. I have the XL but the regular feels better to me. I like the feel and shell of the old, wish they would have brought that to the new versions.



My black and blue 2DS. Compared to my original 3DS and New 3DS XL, it feels the most comfortable for extended play sessions.

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I got the regular-sized New version in black and it's been my go-to model ever since. It's the perfect size for me.

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I'm a little bias as I was gifted the 3DS XL Zelda Gold version and love the colour and design. Although I did look on enviously at the New 3DS when that did release, mainly for its improved 3D tracking.



I loved the New 3DS XL myself……..still have it…

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Kintypoo121 wrote:

I'm a little bias as I was gifted the 3DS XL Zelda Gold version and love the colour and design. Although I did look on enviously at the New 3DS when that did release, mainly for its improved 3D tracking.

Same here, minus the giftage. My original Switch was getting pretty worn out so I picked up the Zelda XL when that came out. Bad timing given the New 3DS released about a year later in Australia but I was still happy with my Zelda themed 3DS. Then by the time it was starting to wear out in 2016 and I was looking at getting a New 3DS the Switch was almost out so I held out for the Switch

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All of the gold/black Zelda versions, but I wish the Link Between Worlds version had been a New 3ds (so I could keep using it). I currently rock a Majora's Mask (JP) and a Zelda Gold (NA) set. I may hate the 3DS but Nintendo put out some pretty colors.

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It is very difficult to pick favourites as there were loads of great designs I would love to have owned; Smash Bros and Fire Emblem Fates designs come to mind.

The SNES variant is fantastic and is my backup New 3DS XL should anything happen to my Majora's Mask New 3DS XL. I also loved the Link Between Worlds 3DS XL.

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The red New 3DS XL. It's a very nice looking handheld, and the screen is rather good. Using the 3D effects in this was much better than the original model IMO. I didn't have to hold the system perfectly still to use them.

Edit: I realize much later rereading this thread, I did not specify "New 3DS XL," so fixed that.

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I love the Pikachu New 2DS XL. I think that's my favourite but over the last couple of months I've acquired a blue New 3DS XL and have switch mostly over to this. Even after a couple of months, I'm still a sucker for the 3D effect.

In some ways I actually prefer the 3DS to the Switch. The line up of games is astounding, and it's not like the Switch has a bad selection. In fact, I use my 3DS almost daily and now Switch only for big releases (Dread, SMT V and Pokemon to round out the year). The rest of my gaming is on PS5.

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My favorites are probably either original 3DS or regular New 3DS. All regular sized because even though XL almost doubles the screen which is nice and all but it looses in portability and gains lot of weight so it starts to be a bit uncomfortable to hold in longer periods of time.

Add to that the jagginess that some of early 3DS titles tend to have on a bigger XL screen. I mean I too kinda hate anti-aliasing and always prefer non-smoothed crispy look but on 3DS XL screen it goes a bit extreme with that.

Also it's kinda subjective because I don't really know why but the sound output in original 3DS model is so much cleaner to my ears than that on XL model. Even though according to specs there should be no difference to the sound on a hardware level.

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I'd say my red New 3DS XL. That's where I have all my digital games, and I like how it has stuff like more controls and a better 3D screen. I have a regular 3DS XL too, which is red and black, though it's really a spare system at this point. I do like its matte finish more than the glossy finish, though. Always liked the big screens on both the 3DS models I mentioned, though that meant I had a hard time going back to the regular-sized 3DSs. lol

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I only owned the Flare red 3DS and the original 3DS XL. As coloring goes I loved the Flare Red 3DS size though I have to give it to the 3DSXL. Shame mine was stole and I can't replace it.

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My Toad 3DS which i won by registering two 3DS games:


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I still use it everyday, carry it on me for StreetPass (haven't had any hits for over 3 years), the shoulder buttons don't really work and the control stick doesn't have the rubber on it any more, but still love this little bit of genius.

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My favourite is the Mario 3ds XL. Although I also like the old 2ds specifically for Mario kart 7.


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@Bunkerneath Oooh, nice! I vaguely remember that promotion from Club Nintendo, but I had no such luck. Good to see one.

Reminds me of a friend here in the UK who was offered a chance to buy the ambassador edition of the New 3DS for release about a month before the New 3DS official release. I don't know if they ever went ahead with buying it or not.

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I only have an original Aqua Blue model and a white/lavender New 2DS XL. I miss the 3D effect a bit when I use the 2DS XL but it's really good in almost every other way. If I had a New 3DS XL that would probably be my favourite.

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