Topic: What is your shiny collection in any pokemon game

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Shinies to me are interesting and shiny Pokemon can be a great special reward when it comes to searching for hours on end for a specific shiny pokemon. I dont have a ton of shinies in my game but Im still trying to hunt for more , Ill also show how long it took to find these shinies. and obviously feel free to add your list of shinies you got too.
shiny Xatu.8 hours
shiny shuppet .(litterly ran into a battle while I wasn't even attempting to find it at all!)
Shiny Entei: 1 week ( oh boy the patience this one took , and also had to take breaks from all sof resets I did
And yeah thats about it , Its small but im growing. And another thing for these current shiny pokemon I did not have the shiny charm and have yet to complete my national dex.


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