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my favorite part about 3ds is that you get to take pictures my regular nintendo ds i couldn't take pictures on what is your favorite part about 3ds



I love thrusting the stylus in and out of its slot - it feels soooo good.

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The games, of course! Plus it's backwards compatible with DS games.

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Definitely the games! And that sweet, sweet 3D effect when it's supported.

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The games. That’s why I bought a 3ds I think



Well, besides the stellar lineup - the 3D effect (and I'll add I mean in it's final form on the N3DS with the far more stable effect). I absolutely love it. As I had mentioned in the 3DS thread, I hadn't played my 3DS in quite some time, due to the Switch backlog, but recently finally got StarFox 64 3D and it was amazing and reignited my love for the effect. I find the 3D effect, even at lower resolution and graphical fidelity, to be more aesthetically pleasing than what the Switch can pump out.
It's really a shame it didn't catch on more and that the Switch doesn't have a '3D' option or model. I'd buy a 3D Switch in a second.



Best part from 3DS :
1. A lot of cute, kiddie and girlie games. 😘
2. 3D slider
3. White color for both machine and game case
4. App icon on the game case sideway
5. Ability to record video / take photo
6. Backward compatible with NDS games

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Face Raiders


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Download Play. My cousin and I would get together to play on our 3DSs but since he didn’t have any multiplayer games, we used the Download Play functionality to play together.
We would always play Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Kirby Triple Deluxe, I really loved the games on the 3DS.
Wow, I’m getting all nostalgic right now!

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Eshop and the famous YouTube app

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Being able to play DS games on even more systems...Between the DS and 3DS family systems, I've got 5 handhelds to play DS games on.

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YouTube the battery life.

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Streetpass hands down was the best thing unique to 3DS. At least for me. I carried mine around everywhere, every day, for years! Well over 5000 streetpasses in total! It was such a fun experience taking it to conventions or big events and getting dozens in a single day! Plus collecting regions and birthdays. I am only missing one or two birthdays I think. Also collected every single prefecture in Japan and more than half the states in the US. A whole bunch of European countries and even a few from Africa and Asia. Got Australia and New Zealand too!

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The games - unsurprisingly - the fact that you can close it so your screen isn't exposed when transporting it (bothers me a lot with the Switch), my beloved Game Notes, well-designed Activity Log which also shows ALL software, easy to fetch screenshots/files via wireless network connection (again, looking at you Switch...), and honestly the circle pad is my one love regarding controller design. I was sceptical at first but it feels so natural to me and it makes controls feel nice and smooth.

€: I forgot: The touchscreen has a nice sensitivity and just feels, well, smooth (not to mention it being resistive which I'd take over capacitive screens aaany day) as does the stylus when using it. The haptic is just incredibly satisfying and everything's so nice and flows easily.

... I love my 3DS with all my heart.

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For me, the three of these things together are just magical:
Mario Kart 7
local wireless multiplayer

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