Topic: Unable to wipe of stains on my 3DS XL.

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Hi, last night I was playing some Pokemon Moon and training for the E4 until I notice that there were stains on the top 3ds screen and before I saw them I spilled a little bit of tea on the top screen. I put my 3ds on the radiator overnight and it seems to get even worse so I'm trying rice right now. I believe that the stains are under the screen but I don't know how to remove them so if anyone knows how to then can you please reply as soon as possible.



If it is under the screen, I see no option but disarming the entire unit and trying to see if the screen has permanent damage. Otherwise, just send it in for repairs.

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Yeah, it kinda sounds like you baked the stains permanently.


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@TheGengarKing Diluted white vinegar works well as a screen cleaner (even for removing dried on stains). If you want something a bit stronger then Isopropyl alcohol (also knows as rubbing alcohol) is great for cleaning electronics (and most things actually) - it dries quickly, doesn't leave residue and is really effective at removing stains. Again, dilute in water (preferably distilled water). In either case, don't apply the solution directly to the screen; use a microfibre cloth.

Obviously use caution with liquids and electronics. Isopropyl alcohol can weaken rubber and remove screen coatings (such as anti-glare) so use wisely.

If the stains are inside the screen then I doubt if it can be cleaned. Here's a guide for opening up the 3DS XL if you want to get to the top screen for cleaning/replacing:

Good luck.

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Ewww why would you drink anything around any electronics?! And putting any electronic on a heater is a BIG no no!

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The best solution for you right now is to contact Nintendo and set up a repair.

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use a blow dryer and a suction cup to pull the protective glass panel off of the actual lcd and simply wipe the stains off with a dry cloth. put the screen back once you're happy with your work and presto your 3ds is as good as new



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