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So I just got the game because I haven't ever played it. I tried unloading my homebrew, I tried disconnecting from the internet, I've waited 5 minutes for the game to start and it didnt. The game boots up to the Nintendo 3ds screen, and then goes to black. I saw something that was relating to the 2ds' power, I just want the game to run, is there any way I can fix this problem so that the game will actually run on my 2ds. The 2ds is from Japan and I got it last year. The game case also had a UAE Saudi Arabia tag on it but the game itself said usa on it. Please help me out, this is the one game I have wanted to play for so long



@Eel It says USA on the cartridge and the systems region is set to usa, do I need to change it to uae?



@FoxMarshmallow if your console is from Japan, it doesn’t matter what region you set it to, the hardware is hard coded to Japan.

You can find ways to circumvent this, but we’re not gonna give you instructions here.

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@Eel I know I had a similar problem with the copy of omega ruby I bought, I managed to fix that and my omega ruby copy works. Ultra moon is the only 3ds cartridge that I've ever had a problem with



It was probably MDE region with Green and Blue circle but still counted as USA region.

My New 3DS XL also have MDE label and able to play all USA 3DS games regardless from where did you bought the machine.

Also, playing Pokemon Sun / Moon or even Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon on Old 2DS / 3DS machines are not recommended since especially Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon probably need to be played on New 3DS / 2DS hardware with more capable power to handle the games.
And all Pokemon games have updates so try to download the updates from 3DS eshop before it get closed.
And if you have something homebrew on your 3DS / 2DS machine, you started the problem.

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