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My 2DS I got on launch day in 2013 is sadly on its last legs. The rubber cover on the circle pad won't stay on, the trigger buttons are becoming a hair less sensitive, and it can't hold a charge for more than an hour.

It's becoming more difficult to obtain a replacement so I was hoping someone might know of a place I can one either new, or refurbished from a trustworthy seller without having to pay an exorbitant premium. color doesn't matter, but region has to be from North America.

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Have you checked Walmart? My local still carries them. There's also Gamestop where you can probably get a used one. Then there is also places online like eBay, and Amazon.

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Unfortunately, one way the pandemic has affected gaming is spiraling DS models skyhigh. I got one early on but even then paid more than I would have a just couple of months earlier.

Good luck.

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@Screen Expect to pay scalper prices for a new 3ds/2ds consoles. Since last christmas, options are very limited, and you may have to pay $50, $75+ more than the original retail price. My brother paid at least $300 for a new 2ds xl last christmas(the black/blue model), which should have retailed at $149.99.

I haven't seen a new 2ds/3ds console at a store in possibly two years - granted I'm 35 miles outside a major city, where demand may be higher than some rural areas.

2ds xl production stopped around 2018/2019, and all consoles used & new have been in VERY high demand since the pandemic. It's been surprising.

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Thanks to everyone who sent advice, I found a seller on eBay who parted with theirs for $170 (plus tax)

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