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I'm gonna a new 3Ds XL for my B-day. I heard that Super Mario Maker (SMM) wasn't going to be on it, though. I'm still going to get it because there's games like Tomodachi Life and Zelda but it just bugs me. All these these Mario games are on the Ds but SMM. The thing about SMM is its not like other Mario games where its like save Princess Peach. Yeah I know there's the 100 Mario Challenge but that has all sorts of levels. There's classic Mario levels but then there's the levels that are crazy and different. Its kinda like Mario Kart where not everything is about killing Bowser. Yeah that's right you big attention freak. Give your opinion on Nintendo doing a SMM 3Ds Edition!



It would be an interesting idea, though I'm not sure it'd be powerful enough. Certainly not to have so many enemies on screen or the HD graphics from the New Super Mario Bros U tilesets.

And if a 3DS version couldn't support all of the Wii U version's levels, it wouldn't be particularly useful.

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Your wish came true. Amazing! It looks great.



Looks like you should just ignore this version as it looks like you can not share you're levels through online, only local connections with StreetPass. Just play the superior Wii U version if this information is correct. Go to NintendoLife article here for proof.


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