Topic: Still Playing 3DS in 2022?

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@Anti-Matter Interesting, didn't know that. I know the original Nintendo 3DS had some pretty small speakers, but are you saying the ones on New 3DS XL are significantly better than the regular 3DS XL?

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I'm still playing, but extremely rare due amount of games I play in total, but I own Pokémon: White, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Moon, Ultra Moon, Super Mystery Dungeon, and even Hyrule Warriors while I'm still only completed main story of Ultra Moon, so I have still six games I need to fully finish and Ultra Moon post story as well. So from time to time I'm still trying to finish them with my odd playstyle, but as I said I have odd playstyle and it's extremely slow one.
BTW Not_Soos you know that you can do all tags under one post and multi-posting is necessary (not tagging you, because not wanna look as strict ah to you).

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@Not_Soos You're just better off buying Dragon Quest 8 now, it's not getting ported to the Switch anytime soon and there have no new hints anywhere.

I highly recommend the 3ds version if you don't have access to emulation or just prefer not to.
The biggest changes that the 3ds version did for DQ8 is that there are no more random encounters. There are also other neat ones like:
-A fast-forward mode can be set in battle, hastening battle animations
-The alchemy pot can produce multiples of the same item from the game's onset, and creations are now instant instead of requiring time to pass.
-A quick menu on the lower screen allows easy access to Baumren's Bell (to ride the Great Sabercat) as well as Zoom. As expected, there is also a minimap on the bottom screen.
-Additional stat tweaking and balancing

So yeah get the game while you can, one of the best games on the system and best JRPGs out there.

Good... good
Now play Dragon Quest


My 3DS still gets almost-daily use. The Switch is pretty neglected in comparison, it mostly gets use from my wife playing Fortnite or my daughter wanting to see Animal Crossing or Sonic Mania.
I finished the main story of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology last night and I'm glad to be done with it. Not because it's not a good game, but because it's just taken me so long and I want to crack into something new! The library is so damn good for the 3DS that I'm not going to be done for years.

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Ended up putting 7.5hrs into Samus Returns since Thursday. Cracking stuff.

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I still play mine daily. Played Mario Tennis Open online last night and ran into some pretty stiff competition!

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@Not_Soos They are good games. I enjoyed them both, but I feel they could have fell into the all time great portable Zelda games category if they ditched the touch controls. Spirit Tracks was extremely annoying whenever you had to use Link's flute which made you blow into the mic. I used my 3DS playing this game and the location of the mic was awkward to use since it's located bottom right of the handheld. I probably would have had a better experience playing on the DS since the Mic is placed in the middle. Aside from that, the game is solid. Using the flute will make you want to pull your hair out though lol.

And that was nice of you not taking the game from your classmate. He might have regretted it in the future like you said lol.

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