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@Pokefanmum82 I think that the main problem in this argument is that both sides fail to see the point of the other one. from what I understand, Bolt Stike says the 1st gen games are worse than the others in terms of gameplay and other gaming aspects. You, on the other hand, say the games have value that is based on the time you played them, on the enviroment that was in that era and the overall feeling you had while playing them.
those two opinions dont have to collide with each other, as I see it. cant you agree that the games are mediocre in terms of gameplay to him but have a deep value to you, which depends on how you felt when you played them?

its like you argue on one sigle thing, when in truth its about two different aspects



I was just saying why Red/Blue/Yellow were my number one in ranking just like he is able to rank the games based on the way he wants to rate them. I never said he couldn't rank them the way he wants to. And I will be ranking them the way I want to. And that's all I have left to say on this.

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I agree with people who think sun and moon are so so there pretty boring but ultra sun and moon have more features and pokemon X and Y have a short story and are the easiest game



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