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Yes, I know. This has been most likely asked before, but please bare with me.

I'm not the wealthiest person so I like to use my money wisely. So I've gained a lot of interest in buying a 3DS, especially for it's RPG library; Fire Emblem, Bravely series and some of the Atlus works. So the answer to whether I want these games is yes, that leads to getting the console itself.

With this console there are options, some people see having options as a good thing but I see it as more things to think about and that leads to more stress and I hate to regret my decision. An example of regret is buying a PS4 when it came out due to 'hype'. The thing collected dust for 6 monthes before I started using it and now I could get a better version of it for lesser price even.

That obviously won't be the case here since I already have a lot of interest in it so I know I won't leave it. So it comes to this: What to get?

There are many 3ds consoles; 3ds, 3ds XL, 2ds (don't know if this even counts), new 3ds, new 3ds XL. Should I buy a used one or a new one? The used one is cheaper but you never know what can happen, meanwhile the new one costs more but I guess waiting for a sale is an option? In that case when is the price getting lowered?

All these thoughts swarm my mind, it probably sounds stupid but I can't help it. I also want to say that this is my first Nintendo purchase so that makes me more hesitant. Thank you for reading.

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@Kakti Do you care about the 3D? If not, get a 2DS if you don't mind gaming on something that looks like it came out of a Fisher-Price toy factory. The new 3DS (XL) has some exclusive games and some games run better on it as well, better framerate and such. I believe the new Fire Emblem Warriors game is a new 3DS exclusive too, so that's a reason to get a new 3DS. If you don't care about the exclusives, but you want the 3D, I guess you could get the regular 3DS, but I really don't see the point in getting one TBH. The difference between regular and XL is just the size. Keep in mind that while the screen size is bigger on the XL, the games run in the same resolution, so everything will look fuzzier and less clear on a XL screen.



Octane wrote:

I believe the new Fire Emblem Warriors game is a new 3DS exclusive too

Yeah, it is actually (beside Switch version obviously)


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@Octane I see, I think I've decided on a New 3DS. Is there a chance of the price being lowered? I'd assume it'll descend with the Switch on the horizon but I wouldn't know. I don't mind waiting a couple of months if that's the case.

Thank you for taking your time to reply.



@Kakti They're still selling the Wii U at €300, so I wouldn't count on it. Maybe during the holidays, but I'd imagine that any price cut for the 3DS won't do the Switch any good.



I think they've lowered the price as much as they are going to for now! In the UK, you can pick them up for £150 with an AAA title included so that's something.

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Be careful when buying a New 3DS as some are installed with the cheap low quality TN panels. What you want are the IPS screens (just the top screen would do). Just google search the difference between the two displays before purchasing one.

I'm telling you this cause these people don't seem to want to tell you. There's an immense quality difference between the two displays with the IPS panels being the superior display.

Don't end up like me (I bought a N3DS XL and ended up with a dual TN type model). It would've been fine with me until I found out Nintendo is actually selling both TN types and IPS types for the same price. So pay the same amount for a lower quality product. Nice Nintendo.


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