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I recently purchased a New Galaxy 3ds XL It's in better condition than I originally expected but occasionally when I put game cartridges in it, the cartridge slot does not recognize the game. I have to insert the cartridge multiple times before the game loads. I also noticed that I cannot move around with the 3ds a great deal without the system defaulting back to not recognizing the game in the slot. I've used a few games to ensure it wasn't just a single game that had an error. so it's definitely the console. Is this common for a new system or does it need fixing? Full disclosure, I did purchase this item from eBay and purportedly it hasn't been used often. The seller explained that it wasn't something they experienced but I honestly didn't think I was going to get a response other than that, lol. Also everything else about the 3DS works perfectly including downloading new games and playing games, as well as updating the software. This seems to be my only issue.

Thank you for all of your help ^.^



While this seems to be somewhat unlikely, make sure something in the cartridge slot isn't in any way obstructing the cartridges (dirt, dust, etc.) and remove it if possible by using a can of pressurized air. If that's not the case, I'd say your two options are to either get a refund and return it to the seller (if applicable), or call Nintendo and send it in for repair.

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it is definitely not normal as that never happened with my new 2DS XL. Have you tried contacting Nintendo Support?

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