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My brother recently got Mario Kart 7, and we've been trying to play online together but for some reason, it's not working.
He's using a launch model 3DS and I'm using a 2DS.
I've tried playing with a friend of mine and it works fine, I've played MK7 online on his internet with my 2DS and it worked fine, and we've also played Animal Crossing New Leaf together with it working fine. But when we try to play MK7, it just craps out.

We can get through one race just fine sometimes, but usually it'll just seem like we're playing different games as it'll show him in first on his screen and me in first on mine.

We checked our router settings (we both have the same model router) and they're exactly the same as far as security so I don't think it has to do with firewall settings.

Any help with this issue? We're both really getting annoyed. :C



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