Topic: is Pokemon Sun & Moon - 2 player game?

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Hi all,
Noob alert.
is Pokemon Sun & Moon - 2 player game?

If i buy both sun and moon is it basically the same game? will my children be able to play each other?
or should i buy 2 versions of Sun?

Thanks babes xx



@philljay Yes and no. The game itself isn't a multiplayer game, your kids need their own copy of the game to battle or trade with each other. However it doesn't matter if you give them Sun and Moon, two copies of Sun or two copies of Moon. There are small differences in the game, but they're mostly the same game. You don't need two versions of Sun to play against each other, you can also battle and trade between the two different versions.



Get one Sun and get the other Moon so they can trade each other. They are both essentially the same game the only differences are; Sun goes by the time on your 3DS, so if it's sunny in real life the game will be sunny / daytime. In Moon when it's sunny outside in real life it's night time in the game as Moon is set 12 hours ahead. Also another difference is they each have different Pokémon exclusives you can catch.

So definitely don't get two of the same games, get one Moon and one Sun.

A little tip for the future, when Pokémon games come out in 2s or 3s, they're typically the same game and the only differences are the exclusive Pokémon you can get, like for instance Pokémon X and Y are the same in how they play to an extent, the main difference is again the exclusive Pokémon. Pokémon comes out in 2s like this so someone can choose one and find someone else who has the other version and they can trade Pokémon exclusives with. For instance in Sun and Moon let's say so and so found an awesome Pokémon in Moon and the person in Sun wanted that exclusive Pokémon but it's not in their game they can trade one of their Pokémons for the exclusive Pokémon in their buddies game.

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Each one has version-exclusive Pokemon to catch, so if you get your kids one of each, they can trade with each other and collect more.

Otherwise, they are essentially the same game. You can buy clothes and accessories to customize your character and certain colours are exclusive to each version too. I have Moon and can buy blue and green clothing. I'm assuming Sun has red and whatever else. Moon also has the day/night cycle flipped so that it's night time in the game if you play during the day.

But yeah, it's the same game with slight differences. Biggest differences will be the few Pokemon that only exist in one version or the other, which is the biggest incentive to have one of each for your kids.

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