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My 2DS updated today and immediately afterwards my 16GB SD card that was in my 2DS' memory card slot became corrupt...what the fronk is going on?! Has this happened to anyone else?

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You might want to check if your computer recognizes it.

I've occasionally had issues with my Nintendo systems (and even some picky SD readers) where they just stop recognizing the cards and (falsely) insist they are corrupt.
It'd be great if that was the issue, as you would be able to backup your data, format the card, and then load the data back on.



I tried posting something last night to Miiverse from my 3DS and it said I needed to update. So I used my cell phone's data as a hotspot and was able to download the update.

I then proceeded to Miiverse and it gave me an error and shut the application down and took me back to the Home screen.

Thankfully, I retried and have had no issues since (I think it was related to it drawing it's internet power from my cell's 'hot-spot').

No corrupt SD cards to report here!


Morpheel wrote:

Mine updated without problems.


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Like it said on Reddit. The problem is with the 10.4 version of the firmware which was released last week and was optional update meaning you could use the online services without updating.

The latest version 10.5 was released to resolve the issues with the memory card corruption and this is why it is a forced firmware update and you can't do anything online with a 3DS/2DS until you have updated. This is to try and catch as many 10.4 users as possible before any issues might occur on their devices.



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