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I live in California and I was going to Rhode Island for a trip (Which is all the way across the country BTW) So my 3ds was working all handy dandy and good. Then we were going back to California and I was in a hurry so I put my 3ds in the same bag as my shampoo bottle. You can guess what happened. Those cheap shampoo bottles exploded because of the pressure. I didn't notice until I got home. I was devastated. I took the sd card and the game card out of my 3ds. I was able to clean the external part and the part with the battery but I wasn't able to clean the motherboard. The 3ds turned on and charged but both screens were black, there was no sound, and the wifi light didn't turn on. I took it to two repair men. The first one said the motherboard was fried which was blasphemy because it looked fine and the 3ds turned on. Then I took it to a more trusted and credible repairman (used before in the past twice and worked great) he said all that was wrong was when I turned it on the firmware got stuck in a loop. He said all he had to do was enter the BIOS and reset the firmware.

Basic question: How do I get to the BIOS??
Update: the first repairman said that the motherboard was COMPLETELY fried.
The second repairman is out of town and almost three hours away so I cant go there very often.

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What are we suppose to help with, you aren't even asking a question.


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It's completely possible for the thing to be fried and still turn on. The battery can still supply energy to some things if the relevant circuits are still fine.

Anyway, your best course of action was removing the battery and using alcohol or some other thing to clean the insides before turning it on.

Right now you can wait and see if your repair man can fix it, or get a new system and contact Nintendo to get your digital content back.

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Call Nintendo's customer support.


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It's almost Black Friday. Buy a new one. You could also wait for your repair man to fix it.



@Santa: Basic question: How do i get to the BIOS or reset the firmware

"Don't trust everything you see on the internet." ~Abraham Lincoln


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