Topic: Are Q-Connect SD cards reliable for storing games?

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I have 3 Q-CONNECT SD cards I was just wondering if they are good for storeing games on a 3DS. They are class 10. It did not say if they are good for storeing games.

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@Ninfan I'm in the US. I've never heard of Q-Connect brand micro SD cards. In general, everyone is safest if they stick to trusted, big name brands - Sandisk, Samsung, PNY, maybe I'm forgetting others. And, if you order from amazon, you're safest if the item has tens of thousands, or more, postive reviews, and sticking to "sold & shipped by amazon", since there's plenty of funny business with unknown brand names and some third party sellers. I'm not aware of any new brands that anyone trusts.

I see Q-Connect has a website. I don't know anything else about them to comment on their trustworthiness.

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