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Sega is bringing the popular 3DS RPG series 7th Dragon to the U.S. with the localization of its fourth entry – 7th Dragon III Code: VFD for the handheld this summer.

The game may be the fourth entry, but Sega says that story of this dungeon crawler stands by itself. Code: VFD takes place in 2100 when dragons have invaded the earth. You play as a dragon hunter working for Nodens Enterprises – a video game company – who must travel through time before facing off against the 7th dragon.

Players will build parties of three members, with up to three parties usable in a dungeon. Your options are further increased by the game's eight classes (like Samurai, God Hand, and Rune Knight), and players will have a wealth of character customization at their fingertips, from 40 character voices to 96 appearance options. You can also build up your Nodens HQ, complete with a lounge and cat cafe.

It is neat to see more games get Localized, you can never have enough RPGs on the 3DS.



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