With just under a month to go until the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo has dropped its third and final trailer for the game, and wow, what a trailer! This is undoubtedly one for the ages; a trailer to surely rival the Switch Presentation trailer for Breath of the Wild from 2017.

Naturally, there's an awful lot to unpack with this one, but unpack it we must. We've scoured through the trailer to pick out every interesting little nugget, and it's all laid out below just for you. We're nice like that.

There's still plenty of time to get your pre-orders in for Tears of the Kingdom, so be sure to check out our guides below for the best deals around. For now, though, let's dive into that latest trailer, shall we?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Final Trailer Breakdown

First up, if you missed it:

Lots of sky islands

Zelda - Final Trailer 2
Image: Nintendo

This one shot probably gave us a better idea of the scale for Tears of the Kingdom than any previous trailer. There are so many Sky Islands! They're at different heights, too, which is pretty awesome. We're digging it. And is that... could that be Skyloft at the top? No, surely not!

Nah, probably not. But maybe...

Enemies fight each other

Zelda - Final Trailer 3
Image: Nintendo

So if you look at the bottom of this shot, you'll see a Blue ChuChu jumping towards... something? That something (which we assume is a Soldier Construct) appears to be whacking it back with some sort of club. It's not "fighting", as such, but these small interactions definitely lend the setting some added authenticity.

Chop, chop, chop

Zelda - Final Trailer 4
Image: Nintendo

We saw a new enemy called 'Constructs' in the 10-minute gameplay showcase recently, and this thing hacking away at a tree looks similar, right? Could this be a peaceful NPC character, perhaps? Are all Constructs out to chop you into tiny pieces, or might some be friendly?

New shrines?

As we watch Link shoot down towards the surface, we can glimpse a structure in the distance that kind of looks like it might be a new version of the Shrines from Breath of the Wild — at least they appear to be occupying the same spaces they did in BOTW. The turquoise-green-blue energy swirling around it certainly indicates they're still structures of some importance, at least.

The image on the right shows one of the structures a bit closer. Certainly looks Shrine-like, no? Something else to note with the right image is that it appears to show a rather diminished Kakariko Village. The general consensus seems to be that perhaps some structure fell from a Sky Island and rained debris on the village, hence the weird circular thing wedged at the top, there.

Lovely graffiti

Zelda - Final Trailer 6
Image: Nintendo

When the title graces us with its majesty, we can see a big ol' Nazca line-style glyph pattern in the top left, with another one in the top right. There are others visible throughout the trailer. What could they mean? Hmm.

Are those the old towers?

With Link now floating down on his trusty paraglider, we can see a really weird structure in the distance, highlighted with spotlights. It kind of looks like a giant sword poking out, but that can't be right, can it?

Nope, it looks more like the old towers from Breath of the Wild, and they've been given a nice makeover here. Again, several are visible at different points.

Hateno Village is thriving

Zelda - Final Trailer 9
Image: Nintendo

Hateno Village, one of the main settlements from Breath of the Wild, is back and looking better than ever before. By jove, it's simply thriving! The villagers also seem to have a thing for mushrooms. We can't wait to kick back and relax here once again.

Carry on camping

Zelda - Final Trailer 10
Image: Nintendo

From this shot here, it looks like base camps are a thing in Tears of the Kingdom. It's hard to tell if this is something that Link has set up himself or if it's just part of the background scenery but the land immediately outside Hyrule Castle has certainly changed.

Is that... Demise?!

Just after the castle rises from the sand, we get a glimpse of a rather menacing character from behind. Spoilers: It's almost certainly Ganondorf, as per the grab above, but he's looking a lot like Demise from Skyward Sword here. Yes, the flaming hair is slightly different, but the similarities are there, right?

Could Tears of the Kingdom somehow showcase both Ganondorf and Demise? Wow.

Giant underground dungeons

Zelda - Final Trailer 15
Image: Nintendo

Are dungeons back? Are they?! It looks like they might be, judging by this shot.

We're loving the molten lava flowing down from the ceiling, that's dope. We're kinda hoping there's just one big underground environment beneath Hyrule, but that might be a bit ambitious.

Or is it..?

Floating ships!

Zelda - Final Trailer 16
Image: Nintendo

Yes, floating ships! Bowser confirmed for TOTK!

Awesome means of traversal

This trailer showed off some incredible ways that Link will be making his way around Hyrule.

We see him jump into spheres of liquid, fly down a giant shaft with some sort of wingsuit, glide across Hyrule atop his winged bird thingy, and do cool floaty jumps across platforms. Nnnnnngggg, we can't wait.

Wait... gacha machines?

Zelda - Final Trailer 21
Image: Nintendo

Yeah, this is weird, but it looks like the game might be dishing out some goods via these interesting gacha-stye machines. Hey, as long as it doesn't cost real money!

Forth, and fear no darkness!

It looks like the townsfolk of Hyrule (along with some key characters) will be taking up arms to help Link in his epic quest this time. Seriously, how awesome were these clips?

Hopefully, you'll even be able to command groups of people to fight on your behalf, adding a bit of tactical strategy to the game.

What the heck is that? A Zonai, perhaps?

Zelda - Final Trailer 24
Image: Nintendo

This, uh... goaty creature looks quite intimidating, we must say. Could this be the Zonai race? We'll see! Our lovely video producer Alex noticed that the creature has an oddly bulbous mound atop its forehead, signaliing that this may in fact be a Sheikah Eye. Interesting...

Bosses galore

Look at all the bosses we'll be coming up against! Certainly makes a change to all of those Ganon variations from BOTW, right?

It also strongly hints towards a more traditional dungeon structure to this game, but we'll see how it all pans out.

It's Zelda's time to shine

Zelda plays a big role in this trailer. We see her lifting the Master Sword and cradling one of the 'Tears of the Kingdom' (presumably). You can also see a tear coming down her cheek in a couple of scenes, which must be relevant.

We're convinced she'll be playable at some point, to be honest. There was also a hint of Zelda's Lullaby right at the end of the trailer!

Hi, Tulin!

Yep, this little guy certainly looks like a slightly older Tulin, the adorable Rito. It would be nice to spend some quality time with him, and it looks like he'll be lending a solid helping hand during key sections. Nintendo is even promoting him with some lovely new key art, so it looks like he's going to be a big part of the game.

Where to, folks?

Zelda - Final Trailer 33
Image: Nintendo

It looks like Link will be starting up his own taxi service in Hyrule, as we can see him carting around a bunch of NPCs via his trusty horse. We hope there are a bunch of side quests like this!

Blast off!

Zelda - Final Trailer 34
Image: Nintendo

Crikey, is that a rocket?! We're guessing this is some sort of item created with the new Fuse ability, but who knows. Looks awesome, though.

On-rails combat

Zelda - Final Trailer 35
Image: Nintendo

We get another glimpse at the underground dungeon area, but this time Link is riding on a cart and attacking one of the Construct enemies at the same time.

We reckon Nintendo has been playing a bit of Resident Evil 4, right? Haven't we all!?

Kaiju-style battles?!

Zelda - Final Trailer 36
Image: Nintendo

Yep, Link is actually riding atop a simple but impressive vehicle to fight a Stone Talos with Bokoblins attached to it. This game, man...

Zelda - Final Trailer 37
Image: Nintendo

We're positive Tears of the Kingdom will feature a boatload of new costumes for our hero, but this is the only new one we get a proper glimpse of in the trailer. Looks cool!

Environmental hazards

Zelda - Final Trailer 38
Image: Nintendo

Here, we see Link fire an arrow at a weird-looking structure. Upon impact, it spins and emits lasers in all sorts of directions, hitting the enemies as it goes around. Nice!

Yep, that's Ganondorf

Zelda - Final Trailer 39
Image: Nintendo

While we speculated that Ganondorf would indeed be returning for this game, this confirms it. In fact, some folks have really taken to him. Ahem.

A new character, or another version of Zelda?

Zelda - Final Trailer 40
Image: Nintendo

Now this looks interesting! This character certainly looks new, but take a look at what she's wearing. Those earrings are the same as Zelda's, and the pattern on her forehead is similar. Hmm... Could this be some power granted by the Tears?

Oh sweet, King Gidorah, uh... We mean, Gleeok

Zelda - Final Trailer 41
Image: Nintendo

Gleeok is an iconic, recurring enemy in The Legend of Zelda, and now it's back in Tears of the Kingdom. It looks awesome, right? We glimpsed it in the previous trailer but here we get a real good look.

We're kinda hoping this thing just skulks around Hyrule. Can you imagine just running into it at random points? So cool.

Well, that just about does it for this breakdown. Reckon we've missed anything crucial here? With so much to digest in that trailer, it's totally possible! Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

In the meantime, check out our guide on everything we know so far about Tears of the Kingdom. We can't imagine much more will be added with only one month to go until its release, but still, definitely worth a look if you're itching for more information.