What Do You Still Have Left To Do In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild?
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The clock bell has tolled. Only one month remains before the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. One. Month.

Suddenly, this game that we have been anticipating for the last six years is almost here and out of nowhere a realisation struck us, one powerful enough to send a cold chill down anyone's spine: we still have things left to do in Breath of the Wild.

Be it something broad like not defeating Ganon or never getting the DLC down to the more elite 'every Shrine and Korok Seed' level, most of us on Team NL are still not at the stage where we feel completely 'done' with the game.

So what are we to do? With only one month left before we dive (literally) into a same-but-different Hyrule, we have no choice but to face up to our in-completeness and get working on ticking some boxes, right?

Yes, of course, we don't have to get it all done before TOTK comes out, but we worry that the upcoming sequel may dominate so much of our time over the next few months that we can see BOTW taking a back seat (and surely you can't expect us to play two different games alongside each other??).

Faced with this challenge, we've come together to share the feats that we are yet to accomplish. Have a read through the things we're still missing and then take to the comments to let us know if there is anything you haven't quite wrapped up.

Having A Mare (Jim Norman, Staff Writer)

BOTW Lord of the Mountain
Ride now, ride now, ride! — Image: Nintendo Life

Breath of the Wild is one of my top gaming experiences of all time. I can't even remember the number of occasions that I blew a physical chef's kiss into the air after I was hit with a new mechanic, quest solution or location. I poured all of the hours into this game between 2017 and 2018, so it baffles me how looking back now, there are so many things that I am yet to do.

Worry not, I've defeated Ganon, completed all of the Shrines and ticked off every side quest available, no bother. But I've never touched the DLC, or collected all of the Korok Seeds. I'll admit, the latter of these isn't all that appealing. I love this version of Hyrule but come on. Though the DLC is tempting...

Maybe I'll splash out £17.99 and get myself an extra slice of BOTW goodness (I understand it's pretty good). But I am much more likely to instead cross off the one, small, thing that I have never done in BOTW despite trying time and again: ride the Lord of the Mountain.

Will this be a game-changing experience for me? Probably not. But BOTW is all about playing it your way, and if I can finally get on the back of this bright beastie and ride around some of my beloved locations one last time, I feel that would be a pretty good way to sunset the game for me...

Compendium Completionist (Alana Hagues, Staff Writer)

BOTW Guardian
Trying to get that perfect snap like... — Image: Nintendo Life

I’m satisfied with what I’ve done in Breath of the Wild. I’ve completed all of the shrines, I’ve ridden on the Lord of the Mountain, rebuilt Tarrey Town, bested Eventide Island, bought a house. All of that while taking down Calamity Ganon? But you all know just how huge Breath of the Wild is. I can hear you all screaming “Korok seeds!” at me, and look, I love collectibles like anyone else raised on 3D platformers, but 900 is maybe 600 too many. My Link is an accomplished man without those Korok seeds.

Yet I haven’t beaten the DLC. I don’t even own the DLC. The Master Cycle Zero and Master Mode aren’t enough to tempt me, to be honest. I’m not in Breath of the Wild for the challenge – I’m there to soak up the world and get lost in the wonder of it. And save Hyrule, I suppose.

If there’s one thing I have been tempted to do which totally fits with my love of exploring, it’s completing the Hyrule Compendium. I love the idea of Link being some wildlife photographer, getting himself in some sticky situations as he sneaks up on a Lynel or a Guardian – and trust me, those are two things I have done before, and it’s not gone well the first few times. I would totally play a Zelda photography game, so this is the closest I’m going to get. Perhaps, with just a month to go until the sequel, I should get my Sheikah Slate out and get snapping…

One Korok seed. One. Korok. Seed. (Gavin Lane, Editor)

BOTW Korok
Look at him, mocking us. — Image: Nintendo

I've done almost everything in Breath of the Wild. I'm a few amiibo short, so there is some figure-exclusive swag I haven't got yet, but in terms of tasks and collectibles in the game, and the DLC, I've done all there is to do, and got everything there is to get. Proud Master Cycle Zero owner, here.

Except for one Korok seed. One single seed left to find in the whole of Hyrule. My completionist OCD has me restless. Just over a year ago I used an app to try and find the remaining handful of seeds to get that 100% completion rating. But I missed one that, somehow, got ticked off the list.

The reality is that I'm never going to devote another dozen hours to double-check all 900 locations. Even with the Korok mask, it's too much work — it would be silly, and I've got dozens of other games in my backlog. Not to mention a big ol' Zelda now just a month away.

Just... let it go.

Pfft, Completed It Mate (Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer)

BOTW Shocked Link
Even Link is lost for words (and he's usually very chatty) — Image: Nintendo

So believe it or not, I actually have nothing else left to do in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Actually no, that’s a lie, let me rephrase that: there’s nothing else I want to do. Ah, much better.

Here’s the thing, I’ve played BotW pretty consistently since its release back in 2017, jumping back into it at regular intervals over the subsequent years when there’s nothing else to play. I did most of the major stuff: I finished the story and the DLC, and I managed to complete all of the Shrines. Those Korok Seeds, though? Nah, couldn’t be bothered.

My original save file is now gone, deleted. I’m one of those people who likes to start fresh with games on odd occasions, and I mean fresh: delete all saved files and start from scratch. In my current save file, I’m nowhere near finishing the game, let alone collecting all of the Korok Seeds. Am I really going to commit to such a task with only one month until Tears of the Kingdom? Pah, fuggetaboutit.

I think I’ll just play the Switch port of The Wind Waker instead…

Say what? It doesn’t exist..? Oh, for goodness sake.

Feels good to finally get that out in the open. Whether we actually get around to doing anything about it over the next month is another question entirely (we probably won't) but at least the intention is there, right?

Do you have anything left to tackle in Breath of the Wild? Fill out the following poll with what's still on your plate and then take to the comments to let us know if you're planning to take it on over the next month.

What do you have left to do in BOTW? (2,407 votes)

  1. I should probably do something about that Ganon fella9%
  2. I never found all of the Shrines14%
  3. There's still some side quests left17%
  4. Just those pesky Korok Seeds27%
  5. Ride the Lord of the Mountain7%
  6. There are some amiibo collectibles left, but does that even count?9%
  7. I still haven't got round to the DLC10%
  8. Something else (comment below)3%
  9. Breath of the Wild? I completed it ages ago!6%