Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023
Image: Nintendo Life

The summer of video game announcements has begun. Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023 has kicked off what looks to be a bonanza, and in the absence of E3 this year, Summer Game Fest will also be kicking off proceedings tomorrow.

But today, it's all about the indies. And Guerrilla showcased tons of stand-outs during its two-hour presentation-- which was also followed by the Publisher Spotlight Showcase. There were tons of announcements for Switch owners, and we've got 27 of them here for you. Some are brand-spanking new, while others are just updated trailers. But it looks like there's a lot to keep us busy for the rest of the year and beyond.

Let's have a look at the highlights from the Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023, then.

Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023 - The Whole Presentation

If you fancy watching the whole showcase, we've got the whole thing here for you (skip to 15:00 to jump right into things).

Every Switch Game Announcement & Update

Here are all of the trailers shown off during the presentation, along with a brief description of what was shown and a link to any coverage.

Terra Memoria - 2024

Opening the Guerrilla Collective Showcase in style, Terra Memoria is a brand new pixel art RPG from developer La Moutarde. With the lovely anthropomorphic pixel art characters coupled with the gorgeous 3D backdrops and turn-based combat, we're excited to see this on Switch next year.

Forgotlings - 2024

From the developers behind Forgotton Anne, we'll be returning to the Forgotten Lands in Forgotlings sometime next year. This side-scrolling adventure game showcases a stunning art style and has a semi-open-world Metroidvania environment to explore.

Hammerwatch II - Summer 2023

We got a brand new look at Hammerwatch II during today's showcase. Narrated by Crackshell's creative director, the new trailer gives us a look at some of the multiplayer functions, as well as a handful of classes.

Annalynn - Out Now

The first big surprise of the event was seeing Cruise Elroy's Annalynn, a maze platformer that's been out on Steam for over two years, is not only coming to Switch — it's out on Switch now. Dynamite Anton from Antonblast will also be playable, and you'll be able to play the game in sweet, sweet Tate mode.

Toxic Crusaders - 2023

Toxic Crusaders — based on the cartoon series of the same name — is real. Announced earlier this year, this was a repeat of the game's reveal trailer. Toxic Crusaders is out later this year.

30XX - Q3 2023

The long-awaited sequel to 20XX will finally be coming out later this year. Version 1.0 launches Q3 2023m and today's new trailer gave us a look at the new Maker Update, which will be available in the full game.

Antonblast - Coming soon

The stand-out trailer of the showcase, Antoblast is bursting with Wario Land vibes. Pure platforming chaos, and we're in love. No release date has been shared yet, but it's apparently "coming soon".

World of Horror - 19th October, 2023

After multiple delays and a long Early Access period, World of Horror is finally settling on the perfect spooky date for its full release — 19th October. Inspired by Junji Ito, this one will be well worth staying up late for the scares.

Growth - 2023

Growth is a brand new chilled tile-based puzzle game coming to Switch later this summer. You'll select hexagonal tiles and build a diorama world with trees, mountains, and lush nature.

Demonschool - 2023

Classic Persona is back in Demonschool, and in today's new trailer, we got a look at a brand new boss — a big pile of CRT televisions. Tactical battles meet Italian horror movies, school life, and outstanding pixel art visuals in 2023.

Quest Master - 2023

If it's Zelda Maker you want, then Quest Master is the game for you. This RPG and Zelda-inspired dungeon builder will be launching in Steam Early Access this summer, with a Switch release to come once the game hits version 1.0.

SacriFire - 2023

SacriFire has been a little quiet since it was delayed last year, but this new trailer saw the stunning-looking RPG — which has flashes of Vagrant Story and Valkyrie Profile — back in action. And boy does it look good. The new school retro visuals pop off, and Motoi Sakuraba's instantly recognisable sounds are firing on all cylinders. SacriFire is reportedly out later this year.

Dark Deity II - TBA

We're cheating with this one a bit — Dark Deity II hasn't officially been announced for Switch, but the first game made the jump to the hybrid console in 2022. And with its heavy Fire Emblem inspirations, we don't see why this one won't also plot a course to Switch sometime in the future.

WrestleQuest - 8th August, 2023

WrestleQuest will chokeslam into the ring in August, but we got some new developer commentary during the Guerrilla Collective Showcase today. Turn-based gameplay? Check. Puzzle-solving? Check. Macho Man statues? Oh of course.

Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed - 2023

Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed is ready to get nostalgic on PC later this month. Switch owners will have to wait a while longer, but the latest entry in the Kingdom series is looking extremely solid.

Nova Lands - 22nd June, 2023

Interstellar base building awaits in BEHEMUTT's Nova Lands, an adorable-looking pixel art adventure where you cultivate and craft your home in space. We don't have long to wait for this one either, as it launches on 22nd June.

A Void Hope - TBC

Unsettling music and deceptively lovely pixel art lead us into A Void Hope, an atmospheric puzzle platformer where people's memories are slipping away from them. A playable demo will be available on Steam on 19th June.

Lil' Guardsman - 2023

Saturday morning cartoon meets mystery in Lil' Guardsman, a fantastic-looking narrative point-and-click coming to Switch later in 2023. Lil is a young girl who is covering for her dad, who is a guardsman. As a result, she gets pulled into her father's work and ends up interacting with some unusual townsfolk...

Bye Sweet Carole - 2024

More cartoon visuals, but this time, we're getting a little bit creepy. Bye Sweet Carole might look like an '80s Disney cartoon on the surface, but something unsettling is going on in this adventure. You'll be able to play this one in 2024.

Three Minutes to Eight - Q4 2023

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to "live on the edge of consciousness" (not us), then Three Minutes to Eight's stylish retro visuals and classic adventure premise will have you intrigued. Your character is destined to die at 19:57, and you need to discover all the mysteries to stop your life from ending.

Promenade - 2023

Promenade is a delightful side-scrolling collectathon platformer that was announced during the showcase. Developed by Holy Cap Studio (yes, we giggled at the name) the team has specifically cited Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, and Spyro as just a handful of inspirations. It looks and sounds lovely, too.

Nocturnal - Out Now

We got our first look at Nocturnal, the stylish 2D action game, earlier this year, and it's already ready to be played! The game launched today on Switch eShop, and you can check out its release trailer above.

Gori: Cuddly Carnage - TBC

"...kill, and look cute while doing it" is the premise of Gori: Cuddly Carnage, a "skate and slash" game where you slice up enemies while riding a hoverboard named F.R.A.N.K. This is our first look at the game's combat, and we think Dante should be worried. Gori: Cuddly Carnage doesn't have a release date yet, but it's coming to all consoles.

SpiderHeck 'Quality of Heck' Update - Coming Soon

Spider parkour is about to get more thrilling with the upcoming Quality of Heck update for SpiderHeck. In this new trailer, the dev team walks us through what to expect from this new update, as well as the future of multiplayer. SpiderHeck has been out for a while on Switch already, and hopefully, this update follows very soon.

Dawn of the Monsters Arcade Edition DLC - Coming Soon

A free update for Dawn of the Monsters is coming soon to all consoles. While the free update brings us New Story +, New Game +++, and new challenges, we're also getting an Arcade Edition and Character DLC pack in the future. Stay tuned.

StormEdge - 2023

We've got two standout titles from the Publisher Spotlight Showcase 2023 now. First up is StormEdge, a chaotic pixel art action rogue-lite where your powerful skills can cause damage to you. This one's scheduled to hit later in 2023.

Black Skylands - 3rd August, 2023

The second Publisher Spotlight title we wanted to highlight is Black Skylands, an open-world base-building game where you can create your own airships and do battle in a steampunk world. Skies of Arcadia-like? Yes, please. Black Skylands is lifting anchor on 3rd August 2023.

That's all of the Switch game announcements at the Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023 and a couple of highlights from the Publisher Spotlight Showcase. Which of these trailers stood out to you the most? Share your thoughts down below.