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  • Talking Point First-Person Shooters and the 3DS Circle Pad Pro

    Aiming down 3D sights

    It's old news that first person-shooters are bigger business within the industry now than they've ever been. Since the advent of online play on home consoles, they have inarguably become the most played genre on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with the latest Battlefield and Call of Duty titles dominating the market. However, FPS titles have remained relatively quiet on the..


  • Feature Samus Aran, Gaming's Leading Lady

    We take a look at the famous female bounty hunter

    Historically, just about every form of media has seen itself dominated by men, and gaming is as guilty as the rest. You could chalk it up to the playing population remaining largely scant of females for reasons too complex and debatable to delve into here, but that's only half the story. The...



  • Round Table Is Nintendo Neglecting the 'Hardcore Gamer'?

    The first of a new series of features that sees the Nintendo Life staff members sit down and discuss all things Nintendo.

    Welcome one and all to Nintendo Life's new feature: The Round Table. This is where you get to see the staff debate and discuss the most topical issues going around. From stereotypical views of Nintendo’s consoles, to our feelings on the evolution of gaming; you’ll find it..