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  • News Dataminer Finds Fortnite Update in Switch eShop

    Possibly Releasing During E3?

    E3 is but a week away, and leaks are coming from every direction. Usually, however, they don't come directly form Nintendo's own servers, as is the case with this report. Dataminer and Pokemon researcher Michael revealed an update for the as-yet unannounced Switch version of Epic's world-beating game has been uploaded...



  • News Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Massive Update

    Everything Nintendo announced

    Nintendo tonight announced a surprise Fire Emblem Heroes update, and it's pretty huge. Nearly every part of the fledgling mobile game has been updated, and the info was all condensed into a short video. Fear not, dear reader, we at Nintendo Life have gone over all the details and have them here to share. New Heroes...










  • News MOTHER 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Heading West

    North America bound

    Back in March we reported on a Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing the original arranged Mother soundtrack to vinyl for the first time in North America. The campaign smashed its target funding goal and the project is now well on its way to completion. In a surprise announcement made earlier today, it was revealed that Ship to...









  • Feature Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - Week Three: Miner

    Can U Dig It?

    In the third part of a regular series, Karen takes on Fantasy Life in a variety of 'lives' and documents her adventures. Clearly tailoring was not my calling, although I managed to stitch up some nice outerwear and the frilliest thing I’d ever be caught alive in, but with city life being all right for the most part yet lacking that...

  • News Atlus Releases Two New Persona Q Character Trailers

    Name those archetypes

    Atlus recently released two new trailers for its upcoming dungeon-crawling Nintendo 3DS title Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, featuring two of the game's characters from previous titles in the Persona series. Persona 3's noted puddle of angst Shinjiro Aragaki gets a dark and brooding minute finished with a rousing electric...








  • News The Upcoming Okami Announcement Isn't For a Sequel

    Likely for Japan only

    Word of an upcoming announcement posted recently to the Japanese Okami Twitter account may have sparked wider buzz than anticipated. A new message has been posted clarifying that whatever the announcement entails, it won't be regarding a sequel. Furthermore, Capcom USA Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President Christian...


  • News "Suspicious" Box Poses Question for Arizona Police

    “Nothing of concern” found inside

    A gold box with a question mark is the universal symbol of goodies for any gamer, but finding one in the middle of an Arizona neighbourhood prompted a much more careful response from area police. News station KNXV-TV reported that about 50 people were evacuated on Friday as a precaution while bomb technicians...


  • News XSEED Struggling To Get Unchained Blades Onto The 3DS eShop

    Still hoping for a 2012 release

    Expansive dungeon crawler Unchained Blades is a glorious looking RPG filled with unique hand-drawn characters, each one from a different artist. The game has been available in Japan for well over a year now but has only arrived overseas on Sony's PSP, with news on the 3DS eShop release being thin on the ground...

  • News New Gameplay Trailer For Chasing Aurora Soars In

    Braving the elements

    The Wii U eShop has gained a fair amount of support already from developers. One such developer is Broken Rules, which has brought the vibrant Chasing Aurora along to the virtual store for launch. Already available in North America, Chasing Aurora will be available in Europe on the same day Wii U launches – that’s November...

  • News Analyst Believes Nintendo Shouldn't Compete With Sony And Microsoft

    Wii U “in an awkward place with its identity”

    Wii U has a plethora of games for consumers to choose from on launch. There’s something for everyone – for the casual gamers there’s Nintendo Land and the like and for the more core gamers there are titles such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. However,...

  • News THQ Adds Clarity To The Wii U "Horrible, Slow CPU" Comments

    But worries surrounding it refuse to go away

    It emerged yesterday that 4A, the developer behind Metro: Last Light, is not very impressed with the Wii U's CPU; Oles Shishkovtsov, the studio's chief technical officer, called it "a horrible, slow CPU". Huw Beynon of THQ, publisher for the latest Metro title, elaborated further by saying that bringing...

  • News THQ Enters Forebearance Agreement With Creditors

    Foreclosure delayed, for now

    THQ has been going through some difficult times lately. The developer currently has $16.4 million outstanding on its facility and two weeks ago it defaulted on a loan worth $50 million. Things were looking bleak, but it appears the company has entered into an agreement with the finance company Wells Fargo Capital Finance...

  • News Sumo Digital: Mario Kart Could Learn From Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

    "We've pushed the genre forward with this game"

    Racing games aren't exactly in abundance for Wii U at the moment. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed represents the only racer on Nintendo's new console at this current time, with Need For Speed: Most Wanted set to emerge later in the launch window. Some may see titles like Sonic & All-Stars...

  • News Wii U Demo Pods Being Installed In UK GAME Stores

    Hundreds of consoles sent out into the wild

    It can be quite difficult to really sell the concept of a new console with just words and advertising alone; this is something Nintendo has found with Wii, 3DS and now Wii U. The best way for people to get a feel for what a new console is like is for them to literally get their mitts on it; that's exactly...

  • Rumour SEGA Looking To Bring Classic Titles To 3DS eShop

    Space Harrier coming first?

    The 3DS eShop is the perfect place for old favourites from yesteryear to gain a new lease of life, and rumour has it SEGA has made plans to port some of its biggest classic titles to the service. According to, SEGA is bringing the extremely popular arcade title Space Harrier to the 3DS in what will be known...

  • News Nintendo Has No New Wii Games In The Pipeline

    Focus fully shifts to Wii U

    The Wii has been Nintendo’s most successful home console of all time, with close to 100 million units sold worldwide. Now that Wii U has been officially launched many have wondered what will become of its plucky old predecessor, which has served Nintendo so well over the past six years. Well it appears that where first...

  • News New Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

    The legacy lives on

    Sonic the Hedgehog has so many comics made about him, it's surprising Disney hasn’t bought the rights to make the movies. Last year Archie Comics released Sonic Legacy Series #1, a graphic novel which packed in issues 1-16 of the publisher's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, as well as issues 1-3 of the original Sonic miniseries; the...

  • News Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition Does Not Require Online Pass

    Good news for second-hand buyers

    Pre-owned titles are, of course, cheaper than buying a new copy of a game, so it’s easy to see why consumers sometimes decide to choose them instead of paying full-whack price. Of course the publishers of these games aren’t exactly jumping for joy about this, as they receive diddly-squat from the transaction of a...

  • News Premium Wii U Owners In The UK Need To Spend £62.50 To Receive £5 eShop Voucher

    Points mean prizes?

    One of the big draws for the Wii U Premium Pack is its reward scheme which allows users to gain money back on their eShop purchases. It was originally claimed that eShoppers would gain 10% back as a reward but it appears this is not the case - it’s a little bit less. Nintendo UK has revealed a little bit more information on...

  • News Reggie - Wii U Is "Absolutely The Beginning Of A New Generation"

    Hints at some launch window surprises

    One big debate that has surrounded Wii U ever since it was revealed is whether or not the new console is the last through the door of the old generation, or the first to break into the next one. With the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 coming towards the end of their product life cycles it seems inevitable that their...

  • News Wii U Version Of Grand Theft Auto V "Up For Consideration"

    Rockstar keeps its options open

    Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated games for 2013, with the title being released in Spring for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It did originally appear that the game would not be making it to Wii U or PC, but Rockstar’s vice-president Dan Houser says the developer has not ruled either platform out...

  • News Ubisoft Has No Plans To Release DLC For ZombiU

    But it remains a "possibility"

    Downloadable content is still a bit of an alien concept for many Nintendo gamers. We’ve had some DLC made available for 3DS titles with the likes of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and New Super Mario Bros. 2 having content through internal stores, and Wii had rare instances too, but now that Wii U has arrived the scope...

  • News Colors! 3D Receiving Update Before The New Year

    A new kind of social network

    There have been a fair amount of artistic games released for 3DS since its arrival, and one of the more impressive applications around has been Colors! 3D. It's a tool which allows you to paint on five different layers to create a three dimensional painting that, with a bit of practice, can look good enough to hang on...

  • News Frozenbyte - Indie Developers Have More Control On Wii U eShop

    Trine 2 developer enjoying the freedom

    Trine 2: Director's Cut is available in the Wii U eShop right now in North America — and will be on launch in Europe — and the game's developer, Frozenbyte, has had nothing but praise for the way Nintendo is approaching downloadable gaming. In an interview with IGN, marketing manager at Frozenbyte, Mikael...

  • News Jack Tretton Wishes Nintendo Every Success With Wii U

    "Nintendo has a great heritage in the business"

    President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton has wished Nintendo every success with Wii U, ahead of the official launch in just a few short hours. Speaking about his own company’s heritage on the latest Official Playstation Blogcast, Tretton took the time to talk about Wii...

  • News Wii U Mass Effect 3 Owners Cannot Retake Omega

    New DLC pack unavailable on Wii U

    Bioware is set to release some additional DLC for Mass Effect 3 on 27th November in the form of the Omega pack, however those with a copy of the game on Wii U will not be able to download it. This news comes via a tweet from the official Mass Effect account, which when answering a fan’s query on the DLC’s Wii U...

  • News Iwata Reveals How Nintendo Developed The Early Prototype For Wii U

    Simply strap two Wii consoles together

    With the immense success of the Wii, the folks at Nintendo certainly had their work cut out when developing its successor. It was around 2009 - with the Wii well into its third year of service - that Nintendo’s top men got around a table and started to discuss what their next move would be. The first task...

  • News Disney Interactive Reportedly Developing A Skylanders Rival

    To Infinity, and beyond!

    Activision’s innovative Skylanders series has been a great success for the company. The multi-platform game sees the physical and virtual realms blur as physical objects are scanned into the virtual world using a peripheral known as the Portal of Power. It seems Disney Interactive has noticed the achievements of...

  • News WayForward Would Like To Make A Metroid Game

    Will you be signing the petition?

    WayForward, the developer behind games such as A Boy and his Blob, Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition, and the upcoming 3DS title Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! has expressed its desire to make a Metroid game. Responding to a

  • News Analysts Believe Wii U Will Be Put To The Test Come Summertime

    Will Nintendo keep momentum?

    As Nintendo of America’s Scott Moffitt pointed out recently, the response to Wii U has been nothing short of “phenomenal” as its North American launch date draws ever closer. Research firm IHS Screen Digest expects Nintendo to shift 3.5 million Wii U units worldwide by the end of December, meanwhile, which even...

  • News TVii Application Won't Be Available On Wii U Launch

    Will arrive in December

    Last week we discovered that the Wii U will need to be updated with a patch on day-one of launch to enable you to use features such as Miiverse, Wii U Chat and the eShop. North America was also told that TVii, the service that allows users to navigate through their online video subscriptions more easily, will also be...

  • News Tomorrow Corporation Turns Up The Heat With New Little Inferno Trailer

    Great balls of fire!

    With the Wii U launch just days away in North America, Tomorrow Corporation has released a new trailer for its upcoming Wii U eShop title Little Inferno. This bizarre new title from Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) and Kyle Gray (Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure) provides the player with an "entertainment fireplace". Players...

  • News Wii U Web Browser Software Specifications Revealed

    We're caught in Nintendo's web

    CVG has revealed a number of details concerning the Wii U's web browser software. According to the report, the Wii U will run a version of NetFront browser (NX v2.1), and will work on both the TV and GamePad screen, as previously demoed. As with most home systems, it will not be possible to download or upload videos...

  • News Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney to Receive Director's Cut DLC

    There's no objection from us

    Siliconera has reported that Level-5 is planning to release a director's cut in downloadable content form for its upcoming puzzle adventure crossover, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The DLC, which will be available some time after the game releases in Japan on 29th November, features an unedited script of the...