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  • News Sega Lowers Full Year Forecast Amid Pachinko Performance Problems

    Sales and profit predictions both take a dive

    Sega has reduced its full year sales and profit forecasts for the current financial year amid struggles in the pachinko industry. Full-year net sales of $3.38bn and profits of $98.1m were originally predicted by the Japanese veteran, but it has now revised these totals to $2.94bn and $44.6m...



  • News The Sonic Movie is Now Being Produced by Paramount

    Sony gave it up

    It seems that the upcoming live action/CGI Hollywood Sonic movie has been toiling around in development hell for quite some time, but every now and then it makes a little bit of progress forward. Though it doesn’t sound like it’s going to actually be happening anytime soon—definitely not in time for that ‘2018’ release...


  • Random Sega Joins Up With Hooters To Promote Sonic Forces In Japan

    Yes, you read that right

    We almost didn't believe it ourselves, but Sega of Japan is teaming up with the racy restaurant chain Hooters to promote the forthcoming Sonic Forces. We can't help but feel this kind of marketing would be better suited for Sega's Yakuza franchise, but there you go.  The full, lurid details of the campaign are yet to...

  • News SEGA Knows Fans Want Sonic Adventure 3

    But, no, it doesn't sound like it'll happen

    In his 16-bit heyday, Sonic was certainly a force to be reckoned with, something that was only further reaffirmed by the recent release of Sonic Mania. It’s when the blue blur stepped into the 3rd dimension that things started going off rails, and it could be argued that Sonic Team has never quite nailed...



  • News Sonic The Hedgehog Turns 26 Today

    Happy Birthday, Blue Blur

    Sonic the Hedgehog made his Mega Drive debut 26 years ago today. On June 23rd 1991, Sega's answer to Super Mario arrived on North American store shelves, with the Japanese and European releases following in July. With its incredible visuals and astonishing speed, the game was hailed as an instant classic, and went on to...

  • Video Chemical Plant Zone Looks Rather Fun in Sonic Mania

    Tails seems to be getting by just fine

    Sonic Mania is a release that, for some retro Sonic fans, is right at the top of a Switch eShop wishlist. Developed by talented Indies with backing from SEGA, it features Sonic, Tails and Knuckles dashing through a mix of old, new and remixed stages. The latest video showcasing the game focuses on Chemical...




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