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  • News Full Extent of Nintendo of Europe Job Cuts Becomes Clear

    Around 320 roles are lost overall

    Earlier this year we reported on a reshuffle at Nintendo of Europe that was bringing the loss of 130 permanent jobs, with the Großostheim office in Germany being the largest affected area due to its closure. It's emerged, however, that the total number of roles that will be lost as of 31st August is nearer 320. As...










  • Rumour Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Troubled Atlus

    Could the esteemed Shin Megami Tensei developer become an in-house studio?

    Atlus may be riding high on the success of Shin Megami Tensei IV, but its parent company Index is in serious financial trouble and is likely to begin auctioning off its assets — Atlus included — as early as this week. Interestingly, there are rumours circulating that...





  • News Analyst Calls for Mario on Non-Nintendo Platforms

    Is that a flying pig?

    After today's financial reports confirmed major losses for Nintendo, there are once again calls for the company to take its greatest IP treasures onto other platforms, such as smartphones and tablets. We've heard this all before, with investors saying similar things when Nintendo dropped the 3DS retail price. It's as likely now...

  • Talking Point A Big Year for Nintendo

    Time for a transition

    Today Nintendo announced its annual financial results, and the big headline is that it made a loss of 43 billion Yen, roughly $529m USD or £327m GBP. While we don't need to fear for the future of the company at this stage due to its significant stockpiles of cash and assets, it’s nevertheless a blow for the big N. The loss...

  • Feature Nintendo Banks on Its Old Money Makers

    If in doubt…

    Nintendo is set to announce its latest financial results that will cover the past year, and it’s anticipated that, for the first time in its history, the company will record a yearly loss. It’s an obvious blow for Nintendo, particularly as the past five to six years have brought staggering success. Even the results for 2010-2011...


  • News Iwata: We Want 3DS Sales to Show Consoles are Here to Stay

    President comes out swinging

    One of the most anticipated 3DS games is nearly here: Super Mario 3D Land releases in Japan next week, and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata expects it to ignite 3DS hardware sales. Speaking to investors after the company's quarterly results, Iwata revealed that since the price drop the 3DS is selling at a better pace than...

  • News 3DS Hardware Sales Show Big Improvements

    Not all doom and gloom

    Nintendo just posted a 70 billion Yen loss: even the least economically minded of us can tell you that's not good. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and in this case it's the dramatically increased upswing in sales of the 3DS. In the period between April and June 2011, Nintendo shifted just 710,000 consoles around the world: in the period between June and September it..

  • News Nintendo Posts 70 Billion Yen Net Loss in Past Quarter

    The results are in

    Nintendo's quarterly financial results just appeared on the company's Japanese site and, as expected, the company is still struggling in the market. Nintendo failed to meet its sales targets set in July 2011, with DS software and the 3DS still dropping short of expectations, missing its ¥240 billion income target by 10%. This in...



  • News Profits Down 46% As Nintendo Makes $1.3 Billion

    Cuts sales projections for Wii and DS

    The accounting period just before launching a new console is always a tough one: who's likely to shell out for a machine when a newer, shinier model is on the horizon? Perhaps that's partly to blame for a sharp decrease in Nintendo's third-quarter profits which saw the company's operating profit drop to $1.3...

  • News Konami to Take Over Hudson in April

    Studio to be absorbed like one of Bomberman's explosions

    Hudson, well known for its Bomberman and Deca Sports series, is to be fully absorbed by Konami on April 1 of this year. Konami, the studio behind Castlevania, Dance Dance Revolution, Silent Hill and many other titles has been Hudson's parent company since April 2005, holding a 54% stake. The...



  • News Former Nintendo Executive Lands Marketing Role at 38 Studios

    Could she be a Red Sox fan?

    Denise Kaigler, former vice president of corporate affairs at Nintendo of America, has reintegrated herself into the video game industry after giving up her position last November due to the strain commuting had put on her family life. Prior to her two years of service at Nintendo, Kaigler held a marketing executive position at Reebok for 16 years. With all of this..

  • News Nintendo Relicenses SC Texture Technology

    Unwilling to let GameCube compression tech go

    Nintendo recently renewed their license with S3 Graphics to continue using their S3 Texture Compression technology. They explain the tech as follows: S3TC texture compression uses an advanced compression algorithm that achieves up to six-fold compression of complex textures and images that are used in today's hardware accelerated gaming titles. This..


  • News It's Official: Nintendo is the Best

    Are you going to argue with the experts at A.T. Kearney, punk?

    As hardcore Nintendo fans we're all aware that the company is pretty freakin' special. However, it's always nice to have this kind of thing confirmed semi-officially, so the fact that highly respected consulting firm A.T. Kearney has decided that Nintendo is the number one firm in the world when it comes to 2008 sales and international..

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