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    Review Time Recoil

    Step back in bullet time

    For all the different genres of games that indies are releasing on the Switch eShop in the last few months, the rogue-like (or 'rogue-lite', on some occasions) has become particularly popular. Randomly-generated levels, upgradeable stats and permadeath are becoming staples of modern gaming, regardless of whether you're...

  • News Existential Adventure Night In The Woods Could Be Coming To The Switch

    "Stay tuned for news on another console"

    Infinite Fall's critically acclaimed adventure title Night in the Woods could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. When we say 'could' it's because the studio is being quite cagey about the whole thing. Infinite Fall recently tweeted some information relating to the Weird Autumn update - described as a...

  • Out Today Five New Switch eShop Games to Spice Up Halloween

    The horrors of property rents

    In what is now likely to be a regular update, we've been checking out which games are out early in this download week. With solid support for the Switch eShop we have release dates planned to tie-in with retail arrivals or multi-platform downloads; in crowded weekly release schedules 'early' arrivals can therefore fall...

  • News Nintendo States That More Than 300 Publishers are Working on Switch Games

    Nintendo hopes that'll broaden its userbase

    One of the more startling graphs in Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima's investor presentation relates to a survey conducted in the US. Based upon responses to over 60,000 email surveys in the country, it seems that many Switch owners in the country were young adult males, overwhelmingly so. This may...

  • News Nintendo is Heading for Its Best Ever eShop Revenues, Driven by Switch Success

    The store's most successful six months to date

    All of Nintendo's download platforms have delivered success on various levels, from standout hits on the Wii and DSi stores, to notable landmarks achieved by the 3DS and then Wii U eShop. With the Switch eShop we could be heading for genuinely sustainable success, however, with an impressive number of...