Hudson struck gold with Bonk's Adventure, following its success a sequel was inevitable and we couldn't have asked for a much better follow-up than this. Improving on numerous facets of the original, Bonk's Revenge boasts better graphics and sound and more challenging gameplay. This sequel offers gamers a quaint, humorous, and charming adventure through prehistory that will satisfy long time fans and newcomers alike.

The treacherous King Drool III has snatched half of the moon and it is up to Bonk to retrieve it and save Princess Za before it is too late. Equipped with only his generously endowed forehead as a weapon, Bonk smashes his enemies into submission. In addition to headbutting enemies directly you can also pound the ground with your head to shake the earth and devastate nearby enemies.

Another trick in Bonk’s arsenal is the ability to hover by tapping the jump button during a jump, this will help you negotiate some of the trickier platform jumps in the game. The simple controls are highly responsive and allow players to navigate the game's seven multi-staged worlds and boss fights, not to mention the copious number of bonus stages along the way.

Unlike its predecessor, Bonk's Revenge won't allow players to rip right through levels with ease. There are a great number of enemies, as well as more intricately designed layouts that force the player to backtrack. Because of the greater number of foes, the designers have implemented stronger power-ups and frequent opportunities to recuperate health. By eating a small slab of meat "Nuclear Bonk" emerges and upon smashing the ground freezes all the enemies on screen. By eating another small piece of meat while Nuclear Bonk, or eating a large slab on its own, "Butthead Bonk" appears on the scene. Yes, his head does in fact turn into a huge butt, which breathes fire, and when spinning, destroys most surrounding enemies.

Graphically, the game showcases the capabilities of the TurboGrafx quite well, employing large, bright, and colourful worlds to explore. The enemies are carefully detailed and animated, and designs such as Butthead Bonk exemplify the game's quirkiness. The backgrounds are beautiful and immerse the player in Bonk's land. While the sound effects are nothing special, the game's musical score is an excellent complement to the artistic direction of the game, and the aforementioned immersion factor.


If you enjoyed Bonk’s Adventure then you will love this follow-up. There are three Bonk platformers on the TG16, this is probably the best pick of the bunch. If you are looking for a fun 2D platformer to occupy you for a while, this is a solid purchase.