Switch Online
Image: Nintendo

Apart from the Switch, Nintendo has a bunch of mobile apps it's still maintaining and one of them happens to be the Switch Online app, which allows users to connect and interact with others online in select multiplayer games.

While updates for this mobile application don't normally do much, the latest one (Version 2.10.0) actually adds a landscape mode to the Android version of the app. In case you're not sure what exactly landscape mode means - when you flip your phone on its side the screen (and app) also rotate and adjust to this particular resolution.

As you can see below "various other small changes have also been made" in this latest update.

Landscape mode is supported on a lot of different mobile apps from launch, so it's interesting to see it's only just arrived on the Switch Online app. The Apple version of app has also been updated, with Version 2.10.0 resolving "various issues".

Switch Online previously added landscape mode to iPad devices in November last year in the Version 2.8.0 update.

Do you still use this mobile app? What would you like to see from this app going forward? Tell us in the comments.

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