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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Maybe a bit too simplistic for its own good

We haven't seen a significant amount of apps made available on the DSiWare service to date, but that hasn't stopped Nnooo from tossing a couple into the mix with their ongoing myLifeConnected suite of DSiWare applications. We've already seen the release of myNotebook in various colours and now the company has just released myPostcards onto the service for gamers who like to get creative with their photos.

Much like myNotebook, using myPostcards is fairly simple and intuitive for the most part. When you start the application, you have the choice of making a new postcard or viewing postcards you've already created. Viewing postcards is done via scrolling through a miniature visual representation of your collection of postcards and can be done using either the stylus or the D-Pad. Of course before you can begin viewing your collection of postcards, you'll have to create them first.

The basic makeup of your postcards will consist of two parts: the photos themselves and the text and stamps you'll be adding to them. You can either use the DSi's built-in camera to snap pics or use pics you've already snapped and saved on your DSi system. Once you've chosen a photo to work with, then you'll be able to use the application's basic set of paint program tools to write text or draw doodles on the provided space below the photos. You can even select to use a lined area or a plain white area, depending on your preference. After you've completed the text section, you can then add a unique stamp to your postcard, with new stamps and other goodies being unlocked the more you make use of the application.

After you've saved your creations, you can then use the DSi system's DSi Camera application to either save your postcards to your SD Card or post your creations to Facebook. While the Facebook idea is fun enough, you'll find you have more freedom with the images by importing them onto your computer via the SD Card where you can then use them any way you like or with tons of image-related sites on the net.


There's no denying that myPostcards is a nice little application that will definitely appeal to DSi owners who are looking to toy around with their photos and enjoy the idea of creating their own postcards to share with others, at least as long as they're aware that this is really just a very simple and basic postcard creation tool and little more.

It would have been nice to have seen more diversity in the creation process itself, but it's obvious that the developers were trying to keep things simple, maybe a bit too much so. Overall it's hard to fault the application too much, especially since it will only set you back 200 Nintendo Points, but you can't help but wish the application had a little bit more to offer and in all honesty it ultimately might be easier to just use your computer to make the postcards instead.

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Chunky_Droid said:

Of course Corb finds yet another way to show off his set up, that should have given the app a 9 instantly!



crafting4you said:

Yes I agree with this review. This Application does need more. Wish one could have the postcard in more then one orientation. If one uploads postcards to facebook they are on their side(think this is a limitation of a the album). After having put the images onto my SD card and then onto my computer, I am happy with the quality of the card. I am Happy that I bought it, but if it was more then 200 points i would have been disappointed.



thaneds said:

it's better than mysims camera, but no matter how simple,,, it's like playing rayman, ALWAYS WORTH IT!!!! an opinion is still an opinion, as such... no one person can decide for the rest of us, unless you a have a relation...



cheapogamer4life said:

I really like nnooo and their other two previous DSiware releases, but this one I really have no use for. Maybe we can just fault Nintendo for the reason why this isnt a awesome app. With wifi included this could have truly been a must have app. As is its like what the others users have said.



arielp said:

bought this instantly when available on 19th, but unsatisfied instantly too, as the 'email' is to take out you card, insert to your pc (with card reader) and attach it manually...

why oh why nooo does not support direct email/FB from the app

also, you need to rotate the postcard manually




EdEN said:

Love seeing that white border LCD every time Corbie posts it hahaha.

The game is 200 points, so we can't expect much to come from that.



cowii said:

Do I understand right?. It is possible to import pictures taken with other sources than the DSi camera and then save the image?
Then this is a must buy



Corbs said:

No, I had taken two pics that were similar with the DSi and my digital camera and I thought I had used the one from the digital camera. As it turns out, I could not get the digital camera pics saved to the SD card to pull up in either the DSi Camera program or myPostcards. It's been corrected in the review. Sorry for the confusion.



Nnooo said:

Corbie thanks for the review. It is a shame you don't like it that much but hey we can't please everyone!

On the subject of Nintendo Wifi and rotation here are some things you all should know:
1) We are not allowed to use Nintendo WiFi for sending postcards to other users as this would turn the DSi into a communication device and would require that Nintendo seek approval with the FCC in the USA (amongst others) for re-classification. We asked and they said no
2) All images saved to the internal Photo Album on a Nintendo DSi are saved in the same orientation so unfortunately that is also an issue which we have no control over.

We hope you all enjoy myPostcards and while it is a simple application the possibilities and fun you can have are endless. You can create postcards for every given situation and then exchange them with friends. It is the closest you are going to get to twitter on the DSi at this stage I am afraid!



Corbs said:

I liked it, but Nintendo's limitations on using Wi-Fi hurts the application's ultimate usefulness. I gotta be honest, I'm ready to see you guys put out another game.



Nnooo said:

We are working on two new games at the moment! One is for DSiWare and the other is WiiWare and DSiWare (and possibly PSMini too).

We are also working on two more myLifeCollected apps. You have to realise that games are expensive and risky to make and 'cos Nnooo want to be around for a while we have been trying to mix our output so we have two engineers on games and one on apps atm. It just so happens that apps don't take as long (hence the cheaper prices)



Corbs said:

Well that's certainly understandable. I just think with the DSi's limited functionality, at least as far as what developers are allowed to make use of (unlike the iPhone/iPod Touch), apps are going to be tricky to pull off, at least to a truly useful degree. I guess it's going to depend on what it is and what it's supposed to do. But I applaud your efforts and wish you nothing but continued success, on both games and apps.



Nnooo said:

Thanks Corbie

The other great thing for us about making apps is we can reach out to our consumers quicker and learn what they like/don't like quicker. We can also use the apps as learning for how to better use the DSi hardware so that our future games make more and greater use of the DSi!



cheapogamer4life said:

@Nnoo: Congrats for getting back in the top 10(if my memory is correct) on the DSiware most resent top 20 list.
Cant wait for you next DSiware release to get here.(cant come quick enough )



ramstrong said:

How is this better than Photo-Graffiti? For any other source, I'd just snap it with DSi camera. Low resolution, sure, but so what? I'd like to review this, but I fear that I will simply say use Photo-Graffiti, so I won't do the review. How about doing one of those 3D camera thingy? Pretty simple to do, don't you think? You can use the dual screen to show right-left images, and use 3D cross eye projection.



paperskyx said:

I wouldn't use my points on this. No, not even two dollars. myNotebook is cool, but myPostcards is pushing it. Do they have a myMailbox to put them in so that myMailman can deliver it?

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