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Flips: The Bubonic Builders Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

More of the same

The first Flips story on DSiWare was a fairly decent reading experience for young kids, so it should come as no surprise that this second one provides more of the same.

Just like Terror in Cubicle Four, The Bubonic Builders is one single story taken from the retail "game," Flips: Too Ghoul For School, which contained eight stories in all.

Unexpectedly, it uses the exact same interface as the previous game. While holding your DS like a book, you can use the touchscreen to flip around pages, either one or several at a time, and you can also call up a progress bar to instantly select a page around any part of the story.

The story itself features the same characters and locations from the previous one, so if you liked them, you get to enjoy more of them – if not, well, tough luck! Again, numerous words on the pages are bolded. Tapping them will result in a variety of things, such as a sound effect playing or a character profile appearing. There are also bugs to be found on some pages – squash them to unlock (poor) jokes in the unlockables section. As in the previous title, you can also unlock a bonus book again, offering you another, smaller story.

Of course, the Download Play feature is also still there, allowing you to send people one chapter of the story and letting them try it out for themselves.


As expected, Flips: The Bubonic Builders offers pretty much exactly the same as the first time around, but with a different story. It's a bit too childish for anyone but young kids to enjoy, but if you know any who liked the previous title then they will very likely also enjoy this one.

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Odnetnin said:

Shortest review ever? If so: Congrats, Marcel! If not: Well, there's always the next Flips release (there are more confirmed, yay!).
Also, Flips: Artemis Fowl really needs to come stateside!



RedBlueSpot said:

This could be kind of exciting. It's not for me tho. For 500 points it's a great buy- Especially if you're younger and like a good story with some interactive moments. Good work!



Errol said:

It's worth mentioning that the product checks your system to see if you’ve downloaded a previous title in the Too Ghoul For School series. If you have, additional parts of the bonus story will be unlocked.

Also, each product has DSi Camera support. You can add a photo of your friends and family to an image template (rat/cockroach/zombie/spider – one per book) and save it to the system album. It’s a simple feature but I think children will enjoy it.




Hmmmm. I prefer actually reading actual books tbh (ie. not on the ds as I found with 100 classic bks)



pikku said:

i think they should put more books on that appeal to all age groups, i.e., Harry Potter, or LOTR (and twilighjt for all those fan-girls.. they'd make milllions with this one)



Adamant said:

Seems an odd choice to release in Europe, though. No one outside the UK would even consider downloading this, so you've killed most of your market already.

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