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There’s something strange going on with the loo in cubicle four of the girl’s toilet.

It’s spewed green goo on Stacey’s shoes and almost had year-seven new boy, James, for lunch. Can he and his friends, Alexander and Lenny, flush out the cause of the trouble, or will the terrifying toilet plague the school with problems forever?

Flips Interactive Books – the Fun New Way for Kids to Read.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Reading fun for the young kids

Digital books seem like a pretty obvious thing to sell for just about any handheld. Strangely enough, we didn't really see any notable ones on the DS until 2008 when Nintendo released their 100 Classic Book Collection.At the end of 2009, EA released a set...

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egrane said:

i would recommend this for older dsx ll users, to download and have handy for a rainy day or a bed time story for the grandkids. i like the artwork.

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