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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Samus' gunship finally lands on Wii, should you believe the hype? Are the controls as good as we hoped?

Samus is finally unleashed on Wii. Originally a title pegged for launch, Metroid fans have been drooling almost a year longer than expected. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is billed as the final part of the Metroid Prime trilogy and somewhat carries on from the previous two games, but don't worry if you haven't played these, it shouldn't put you off.

Phazon has suddenly corrupted the entire federation's network of AU computers and it's up to you to travel the galaxy, freeing each system from the virus and locating the identity of the enemy, but there's a catch: Samus' suit has also been corrupted by Phazon. The Federation tries to control this by installing a Phazon Enhancement Device, which allows Samus to enter the powerful Hypermode.

Much like other FPS games including the previous two titles, you're eased into the game by completing the first "training" area. This section of the game is primarily designed to introduce you to all the controls, characters and the story. Corruption does this beautifully and you're soon comfortable with the controls and surroundings.

It's no myth that this game was the whole reason the Nunchuck was added to the Wii control system. So, does it work as well as expected? Yes, it does. The control system in Corruption is the best console control system for FPS games. For those unfamiliar, you use the Wii Remote to aim/look and the analogue stick on your Nunchuck to move forward/back/left/right.

This system has already been employed by games such as Red Steel and Far Cry: Vengeance but none of them come close to the perfection of Prime 3. The key to its success is the target/view locking. Holding down the Z button allows you to lock your view or, if aimed correctly, allows you to lock onto a target. For those that aren't well versed, it's very similar to Zelda's Z-Targeting system. One key difference over the previous games is that when locked onto a target you are still required to aim with the Wii Remote — it's not auto-aim, it simply locks your view on that target.

The targeting/aiming system works brilliantly, raising the difficulty level over the originals. Retro Studios has proven that FPS games can work, and work well, on the Wii. Hopefully other developers will take note of this control system. There's a range of control options, such as flipping the jump/shoot controls and aiming sensitivity. "Standard" mode will have a dead zone on-screen that helps keep your view centred, while "Advanced" mode gets rid of that dead zone and offers even more precise movement for hardcore gamers.

The control system is not the only area of the game that's been refined and changed since the previous two titles. Corruption only has three visors to choose from; Scanner, X-Ray and Ship. Samus' ship plays a much larger role in this final game. Gone is the beam selector, replaced by upgrading your standard beam as you progress through the game. The new PED suit allows you to enter "Hypermode", activated by inserting one of your energy tanks into Phazon, allowing you to become ultra powerful for a brief period at the cost of energy.

It wouldn't be a Wii game without some kind of gesture system, and Corruption employs a handful of different interaction elements when accessing doors and control panels. These usually involve pulling, pushing or twisting the Wii Remote as if you were opening locks. Morph ball is back with features new and old, including the "Screw Attack" which allows you to jump up two vertical walls. Samus' grapple beam has also been upgraded, and can now be used to wrench panels off walls, connect to sky rails and rip shields off enemies.

The game unfolds over numerous planets and space crafts, leaving you to use your ship to fly around the entire galaxy. The mapping system is excellent, always showing you where you need to be and what areas you need to check. The difficultly level is perfect; you never feel too "lost" and always have a good idea of what you should be doing next. Later in the game you can get access to detailed maps showing you where all the possible upgrades are, very useful for the hardcore Metroid fans.

Not only have Retro Studios excelled with the control system, the level design and attention to detail is simply amazing. It really has to be experienced first-hand to experience the level of care and effort that has gone into creating this game. The first couple of planets are lush, with wild vegetation coupled with fiery and ice areas. This is followed by the metallic and robotic floating sky town of Elysia: the sky rails are great fun! After that comes the jaw-droppingly provocative red glow of the Pirate Homeworld, and finally you find yourself on the incredibly bizarre Phazon source planet simply named Phazee.

Whilst of course we would have loved to see this game in glorious 720p, it still looks pretty smart in the fluid 480p. Wii fans will certainly be impressed by this effort; a souped-up Gamecube game perhaps, but boy it looks pretty. It's proof that artist concept always outweighs the resolution of your screen.

There are very few flaws in the game; it's something Retro have been refining for almost seven years now. The story flows nicely and never overloads you with information, with a good balance of action, adventure and cut scenes. The only thing that annoys is the somewhat tedious energy cell hunting later on in the game, which requires a lot of backtracking over previous worlds in order to reach the final stage. Prime veterans will be familiar with this tactic of course, but it still dampens the game slightly.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is an excellent game in all departments. It reigns supreme at the top of the adventure/FPS genre its predecessor started with Metroid Prime. Blending classic FPS action on beautifully visualised foreign worlds with innovative controls, Retro Studios has done Nintendo and Samus proud. There aren't any reasons why this game shouldn't make it into your Wii collection.

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Nanaki said:

I really REALLY want to get this. But I have one concern; I am a sucker for stories and I want to know if it is worthwhile playing this if I never have completed Metroid 1&2 on GC. I know you mentioned we should not be put off by it, but does the game provide enough knowlage about the past two installments?



antdickens said:

Yeah, you really don't need to know the full story... to some extent there isn't a strong story as such, its not to be compared to Zelda, its a FPS afterall. It's like you don't need to play Doom before playing Doom 2



Politika said:

it's not massively hard to get hold of the first two metroids at pretty good prices atm. perhaps check it out if you get the time?



Nanaki said:

Oh, I have them. Just I never got round to playing them properly.

I think I will get this and then play 1 & 2.

I just hope that i don't get too accustomed to Wii controls and find it hard adapting to the GC versions...



Zenman said:

i just cant believe that some of the other members have already beat it, while im far tn the game, i havn't BEAT the thing yet



breecada000 said:

its worth renting, but not worth buying. its too easy thats all and i didn't play the second one and i understood pretty much everything



motang said:

This game is a lot of fun, it really makes sense that the Wii controls are FPS games. Kudos to Retro Studio!



MatTheCat said:



This game in is without a doubt the very best game on Wii to date bar none.

If you found it too easy I would suggest not playing the game on easy. I have played FPS games for years, online and offline, and I played Metroid on Veteran difficulty with advanced control mode and found the game suitably challenging and thoroughly enjoyable!!!

The only Wii title I would strongly recommend to anyone!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Apparently the reviewer really didn't play the first two Prime games, or he'd know that the Screw Attack first showed up in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This game is the epitome of Wii games thus far; the control scheme, the gameplay, the story, the visuals--they've all yet to be surpassed, IMO. I still need to give this game a replay on 'Hyper' difficulty, but haven't done so because I've yet to best the Emperor Ing on Echoes on 'Hard' mode. I'll get you eventually, Emperor Ing! And you, too, Dark Samus!

Aside from that one mistake, great review. I'd personally give it a 10, though (and not just because I'm biased)...

Also, labeling the Prime series as FPS games is just wrong. These aren't mindless, plot-less shooters, they're adventure/platforming games with shooter controls, or FPAs (First Person Adventures) as Nintendo put it. And another thing, the game is only easy if you're playing on the 'Easy' difficulty. Don't forget, guy, this game actually has four difficulty levels to choose from...



lockelocke said:

I returned Corruption after a few spaced out and disinterested play sessions. While Prime was game of the year material, Corruption just seemed stale and forced. The gameplay is of course undeniably Metroid, but the classic atmosphere of desolation that pervades Super Metroid and Prime was nowhere to be found.

I was already weary when I walked up to some Halo-looking Federation soldier and he goes, "Hey Samus." Then I walk into some intergalactic conference room filled with the type of Star Wars-esque alien dudes that look like they belong in the cantina from Episode 4. They're all standing around speaking english and discussing space pirates. One of them surfs on ice in a later cutscene. It's just wrong.

So, look, if you're all about gameplay, you won't find anything to complain about; Corruption is classic Prime gameplay. However, if you're kind of a pretentious nitpicky bastard like myself, an unashamed franchise purist per say, you might find yourself scratching your head and wondering how the F Nintendo allowed its beloved Metroid franchise to become so diluted with retarded Halo-esque sci-fi conventions.



El_Vampe said:

Are you serious lockelocke? You're complaining about Retro Studio's effort on EXPANDING and EXPLORING the universe of Metroid?

For years, we have played as the famous bounty hunter hired by the so-called Galactic Federation, went on planets alone, with little to no IN GAME story (any real story could only be found on the instruction booklets or back of the game box). In the first Prime game, Retro was the FIRST to reveal Samus' origin in a Metroid game (the chozo caring for her and whatnot).
And in the 3rd game, Retro actually offered us the chance to get a glimpse of the Galactic Federation, the existence of OTHER awesome looking Bounty Hunters (for a time, i honestly believed she was the only one in the galaxy, and i guess Prime hunters was the first to prove me wrong), and give us a nice developed in-game story, and you're complaining bout that? And remember, this game, being on the Wii, demands to be user friendly, so a little more action and slightly different atmosphere is to be expected (though i still felt the metroid ambiance throughout the game, did you at least explore every planet or did you quit right after the first Norion mission?).

I cannot wait to see your complaints when Other M comes out, which will have ALOT MORE characters and development, more SCI-FI esque themes, more story and more ACTION. And all this by Sakamoto himself

For everyone else, this game is still awesome and demands to be replayed a second time once you unlock the Hyper mode difficulty, which i assure you, is where the REAL challenge awaits. I praise Retro Studios for making a spectacular 3D Metroid Trilogy.



lockelocke said:

@El Vampe
don't get me wrong, homie. my comments are completely isolated to my own tastes. but you're right, I should commend Retro Studios for revitalizing a classic franchise. still, looking at it now, I can see that my love for Prime was rooted in the game's loyalty to the original formula, both in gameplay and in atmosphere. Get stranded, lose your equipment, recollect it piece by piece, etc. In a way, Prime was a remake of Super Metroid. Near identical boss fights and all that. The next 2 Retro titles, however rubbed me the wrong way, as they were more sequels to Prime than expansions on the original Metroid titles.

Look, I agree with everything you're saying, and I'm glad you replied, cuz it forces me to evaluate my opinion. So, to rephrase: I'm not complaining about Retro's efforts at all, Retro was instantly on my developers to watch list after Prime, and I love them for preforming CPR on the Metroid franchise. But like I said, I'm a franchise purist, a retro snob, and I'm simply directing my comments at my own people. People who felt Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy were great games, but were ultimately a little short on challenge and the spirit of exploration that fueled Nintendo titles back in the old school. For the record, I will always be a Nintendo fanboy and I will always buy their hardware, no matter how many missteps I think they make. Still, I haven't played a Wii iteration of a classic Nintendo franchise that has forced me to reorder the list of my favorite Zelda or Mario titles.

Which is exactly why, I'm super stoked for Other M. Team Ninja is one of my favorite development houses, because their games are not only beautiful and fun, but they're challenging and hardcore. What I'm expecting from Other M is a Metroid title more geared toward the hardcore audience that Nintendo has been (arguably) shortchanging since the day the Wii dropped. Also, it takes place right after Super Metroid, it even begins with the end of the Mother Brain battle. And, to an old school nerd like myself, that is sweet music to my ears.

Anyhow, good discussion, I like when people put their opinions out there instead of saying, "you don't know what you're talking about," etc. peace!



Hokori said:

Man i really need my copy to get fixed really want to play it more, I just unlocked some good stuff (Bumper Stickers) and now it wont read in the wii



El_Vampe said:

Well, in a few days, Metroid Other M is gonna be released! After reading so much about it and looking at videos, it looks really promising. One of the things that really makes me happy is that Other M contains ALOT of homages/throwbacks to the Prime series. Such examples are the precise Morph Ball camera angles, Samus's ship (the interior look and the way she exists it from below ala Prime 3) and of course, the first person aspects, and many more.
I'm anxious to see whether or not the game suits your specific tastes lockelocke. However, because you said you are a purist and enjoy the retro goodness, im foreseeing (though i could be wrong) that you won't quite enjoy the fully-developed story, Samus's inner dialogues and characters; all of this breaks off from the usual old school Metroid formula that you enjoy immensely.
I hope you aren't too strict/harsh on the game because of those things. You have to remember, franchises need to evolve, and Prime 3 was the first game to add new things to the series (story, voice actors, characters).
I'd like to hear what you think of the game after you've finished beating it, and then give your honest thoughts about it (hopefully you won't return the game after a few disinterested sessions like Prime 3 ). See ya!



lockelocke said:

@El Vampe
dude, I recently heard that some of the Super Metroid dev team had a hand in Other M. I'm so stoked, the game looks phenomenal, and I'll definitely be playing it with an open mind. Even with the developed story (tho I do admit you have me pegged, I really enjoyed Samus as an mysterious character with an ambiguous backstory), and even if the game is heavy handed with Prime references, I'm mostly just stoked for a new breath of life for Metroid, just like Prime did back in like 2001 or whenever. I'll get back to you, for sure, but I'm very hopeful I'll like the game at this point. peace!



lockelocke said:

alright, dude. so I know you asked for my thoughts AFTER beating the game, but I've logged like 8 or so hours and I can already tell you that... I HATE THIS STUPID GAME!! why doesn't Samus ever shut up!? I hate backstory!! WAAAAAAH!!!

just kidding. I don't mind the story at all. actually, I'm surprised to say that I really like what they've done with the story. I thought the approach of filling in a backstory and fleshing out the details of what goes down right after Super Metroid was very tasteful. I think my problem with the stories in the 2nd and 3rd Prime games was that they seemed tagged on, while the story in Other M is more like an elaboration on the Metroid world I'm already comfortable with. That's the vibe I get from the whole game, really. It's all classic Metroid.

I love the return of the 3rd person perspective, and the integration of the 1st person view is seamless. while I do miss the scanning that Prime brought to the series, but the return of stacked beams and suit abilities makes for more fluid and uninterrupted gameplay, which, with the game's heavy emphasis on combat, I think was the best way to go. while I enjoyed the multiple visors and beams in Prime, there was a certain degree of tedium that came along with them; I would find myself resorting to trial and error, cycling through beams and visors whenever I was trying to get to a missle tank or energy tank.

I mean, I could go on, but the point is that IMO Other M is a perfect Metroid game for the retro snob. Everything that frustrated me about the previous games is gone and everything I loved about the old games is back. Bravo, Team Ninja. Let me know what you thought about the game, dude. peace!



lockelocke said:

I figured you'd be at least mildly happy to hear that I picked up a used copy of the Prime Trilogy and I'm giving the 2nd and 3rd installments another chance. After playing Other M to completion, I cannot get enough Metroid right now.



Link245 said:

I'm playing this right now. This has practically gotten me in to Metroid. This is the best Wii game, no doubt. 10/10.



noxusprime06 said:

i beat this then accidently saved over my complete data XD my only proof now is the picture it sent to my wii message board lol



Obvious78 said:

Hope they make a Metroid in this art style soon ont he Wii U with freaking awesome graphics!



Varia01 said:

This game is more than awesome! The controls have neat style (instead of wasting the D-pad Retro used only just one button for like 4 visor selections and even used the least important buttons when holding the remote vertically to pause to not waste so much functions). The game play is the best first person ever and the graphics is certaionly powerful for a wii game! AWESOMENESS!!! 9.5/10!!!



Varia01 said:

Should I play this or Other M before my family gives up the Wii tomorrow. I'll think I'll do Other M. I personally think MP3 and MOM are equally awesome (9.5 for both of them) but MOM is more fun. While I love games with high atmosphere, I don't really mind linearity either. But it is just plain wrong being forced to give up a gaming console (WHY DID HAVE TO BE THE WII?!?) before Saturday! My family is doing this so we can have enough money to purchase the Wii U.



Poketendo said:

I saw this game for sale for €10 at my local toy store. I decided to buy it, AND I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY IT AGAIN!!!

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