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United Kingdom

Tue 25th Mar 2008

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MatTheCat commented on Review: Mario Kart Wii:

This game is fantastic......

I have not taken such an immediate shining to a game in a long time.....

Fast paced frantic arcade fun.



MatTheCat commented on Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008:

All I am doing Nanaki is mentioning game destroying flaws that the reviewers are for some reason neglecting to mention.

PES 2008 Wii, would be a 9/10 game.....IF KONAMI HAD BOTHERED ABOUT DEVELOPING THE OFF THE BALL ASPECT OF THE GAME......but they didn' just another mediocre title I am afraid.



MatTheCat commented on Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008:

Gee-Whizz. 9/10? It is jsut as well I am here to offer a little moderation to all these fan-boy reviews...

PES 2008 Wii.

A Fantastic concept on the verge of being brilliantly executed....except Konami never bothered to implement any effective or intuitive means of defending. Aside from the frustration of feeling like your hands are tied when you are off the ball, this means that yet again, we have a PES game that can be won most easily by simply dribbling through the entire defence. Any long suffering fan of the PES series (which went downhill with the release of PES4 onwards), will only know to well what I am referring to here.

As a an all round game, I would give it 6/10. Pretty much the same average score as its console and PC counterparts.

However, I would still recommend this game as it is an absolute first of its kind, and there are certain aspects of the game that work fantastically well and you can pull of some passing manouvres which are a complete joy to execute.....But I doubt any 'hardcore' gamer will spend too much time playing this.



MatTheCat commented on Review: No More Heroes:

Well what can I say.......

About 10% of the people who are playing No More Heroes make the exact same comment as i do about the lameness of the motion non-sensing, whilst 90% claim it works perfectly.

My Wii works perfectly well and my motion sensing bar is positioned correctly (and besides, the motion sensing bar is just for the pointer. Oh yes, and my controls respond to every single wrestling move or finishing move that I try....its just that 9/10, it dont matter what I do with my controllers, just so long as I give them a good jerk...Lame.

I know whose opinion I trust.......I just cannot believe so many people are in denial about this horridly lame control issue in the game.



MatTheCat commented on Review: No More Heroes:

I can only conclude.....

That you both must be lying.

No. I have actually started deliberately swinging in opposite directions now. 9/10 times, it works just as good which is just no good! Perhaps, the the thing detects a slight 1-2 cm of movement in the correct direction over a swing which may span 30cm. But the important thing from a gamers point of view, is the dissapointment in realising that a mere waggle of the remote and nunchuk suits all. I think it would be nicer if the game was just honest and told the gamer to thrust the remote in any direction they please, other than swing nunchuk right and thrust remote down etc etc.

Go and play the game mate, first finishing move you get that asks you to swing left, try swinging right instead and see what happens......yup, thats right, finishing move is performed.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy this game but am annoyed at the lazy/rushed beta version that they have released with the audacity of charging £35 for. This game could be sublime, a reason to own a Wii in itself...but instead, its just a cheap but enjoyable mash em up.

I would give 7/ more.



MatTheCat commented on Review: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:



This game in is without a doubt the very best game on Wii to date bar none.

If you found it too easy I would suggest not playing the game on easy. I have played FPS games for years, online and offline, and I played Metroid on Veteran difficulty with advanced control mode and found the game suitably challenging and thoroughly enjoyable!!!

The only Wii title I would strongly recommend to anyone!



MatTheCat commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy:


Most OVER RATED game ever...

Its ok.....but a bit boring.......first 50 levels or so are far too easy.....then some of the levels are just damn frustrating due to the less than perfect control scheme..i.e. the swimming, the toy factory levels etc etc.



MatTheCat commented on Review: No More Heroes:

I wonder why the reviewer has neglected to mention that the motion-sensing is totally FALSE in this game? This game is being peddled everywhere as being a titale that implements the 'motion sensing'. But it doesn't. Even the game, tells you, SWING RIGHT, SWING UP, SWING NUNCHUK LEFT + REMOTE UP etc etc etc... but in reality, just swing the controllers anywhere you want....same result!

Surely the fact that it seldom matters what way you swing/thrust the remote/nunchuk is a gameplay issue that any sincere and responsible reviewer MUST mention!

However, even though the so-called 'motion sensing' in the game is a cheap sham, the game is still enjoyable (for some reason). But if you are planning on running out and purchasing this game on the grounds of it the 'motion sensing' controls like I did......then be warned......all motion sensing combinations can be performed by a simple waggle or jerk of the remote in any random direction....

Poor effort on the developers part really.