As unbelievable as it might be, there are still a lot of things we don't know about Super Mario Maker 2. Even after all the Direct footage, in-depth analysis and information via the game's eShop listing and website, there's plenty to find out.

That's why our lovely senior video producer, Alex Olney, has rounded up precisely 10 things, we still don't know for certain about this upcoming June release. If for one reason or another you don't have time to watch this amazing 13-minute video, here's a brief summary of what we're unsure about simply because Nintendo hasn't told us, or yeah...some other reason!

  1. Does the sequel include local multiplayer outside of course-making co-op?
  2. Can winged Boos circling in rings now follow Mario?
  3. The lack of amiibo costumes on display - will they actually be in the game, or not?
  4. That Hammer Power-Up? Is it tied to the Hammer Bros. suit or is it something brand new?
  5. A caution cone on the item wheel and a record icon were spotted in the Japanese trailer - is there custom music or a special trigger?
  6. Extra Game Styles - are there more?
  7. Playing as other characters in single player, will it be allowed?
  8. Can you swap items on item wheels?
  9. How will downvotes work in the game?
  10. Where is that weird and tall-looking mushroom that makes Mario look hilarious?

What do you think? Can you provide answers to our questions in the comments below? Watch the above video and share your thoughts.