PQube and developer Corecell Technology have revealed that AeternoBlade II will soon be playable on a Nintendo Switch near you. It's expected to launch across multiple platforms this autumn.

A press release for the game describes its gameplay as "pure poetry", which is a pretty bold statement to make. Players can expect to come across jump 'n' run sections, puzzle-platforming elements and dynamic combat which will combine to challenge your creativity as you play. We've got a little more info for you below:

Harness the AeternoBlade and play as three unique characters, including returning heroine Freyja and newcomers Felix and Bernard. Each equipped with an individual set of skills, they journey across dimensions in a desperate struggle against the destruction of the Dark Abyss. The power of the AeternoBlade must be returned or reality, as they know it, will face total collapse.

The first game - AeternoBlade - left us a little frustrated when we reviewed it last year, not because anything in it was irreversibly broken, but because brief glimpses of excellence showed what could’ve been. Hopefully this sequel will deliver on the hopes we had the first time around.

Did you play the original game on Switch? Will you be looking forward to this one's release? Let us know with a comment below.