Coming from Sometimes You on 1st March, Awesome Pea embraces the classic platformers and green monochrome of the original Game Boy screen, as you've quickly deduced from the screenshots and the trailer above.

You'll be rolling through the terrain and dungeons of the Awesome Islands in glorious widescreen, collecting coins and avoiding all manner of spikes and enemies.

Boasting an instantly recognisable art style, thirty levels and a 'stunning retro soundtrack', it certainly looks the part of a classic GB platformer, although its curved CRT television effect muddies the retro waters a little.

There's a demo if you want to try before you buy, and currently a 10% pre-purchase discount knocking the game down to £4.85/$5.39 before launch.

Expecting more 'pea' puns in this one, were you? We're sure you've got plenty bottled up inside - feel free to unleash them in the comments.