It's been well documented over the years that each and every Super Smash Bros. game takes an awful lot of development, and every so often we hear stories of director Masahiro Sakurai overworking to the point of exhaustion before being forced to consider retiring from games altogether. Amazingly, though, this doesn't stop him from enjoying the game in his (presumably limited) spare time.

For most of us, loading up a quick game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after returning home from a hard day of work sounds perfect, allowing us to unwind and have a bit of fun before doing it all over again. But what if your job was Smash Ultimate, agonising over the game day in and day out to make it as perfect as it could be?

In his latest Famitsu column (translated by Nintendo Everything), Sakurai-san talks about how he genuinely does enjoy playing games in his spare time, both for fun and to learn. He mentions his recent enjoyment of Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Judgment, before going on to reveal that he does indeed play Ultimate for fun just like the rest of us, even if it is at a leisurely pace.

"I’ve been playing Smash Bros. on-and-off too. Of course, I was able to fiddle around with it here and there during development, and I still play it with the rest of the staff during our lunch breaks. That being said, I’m still able to enjoy it as it is on my own Switch back at home. I spend my days sending my spirits out to scour for resources, sending them to training Dojos, and leveling up any Legend class spirits I have. In the long run, I plan to play until I’ve collected every spirit; other games take priority, though, so I’m making my way through it all at a leisurely pace."

He goes on to say that he will "do as much as [he] can" with the game going forward, with the high quality of other major releases inspiring him onwards, while also thanking the developers and fans for making Smash Ultimate the highest-selling Nintendo home console game ever during its opening week.

You just can't help but feel in awe of the guy, can you? Let us know if you're still loving every second of Smash in the comments below.