Krillbite Studio has revealed that its award-winning horror Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition will soon be scaring you silly on Nintendo Switch.

If you're unfamiliar with this one, Among the Sleep originally launched on PC back in 2014, with PS4 and Xbox One releases arriving shortly after. In the game, players assume the role of an innocent two-year-old who has an unusual teddy bear as his only companion; you, as the child, must wander through your eerily dark house to find your parent. As you can likely tell from the atmosphere in the PlayStation trailer up above, things aren't quite as cheery as they could be.

Krillbite Studio has shared a blog post detailing the thought process behind the game's new launch on Switch, noting how fans had been asking for a Switch port despite the studio's current commitment to upcoming title Mosaic. Luckily, publisher Soedesco proposed a collaboration to help with much-needed resources, and so the Switch port was born.

"It’s been exciting for us to play our game on Nintendo Switch, Soedesco has done a tremendous job with the port. Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition feels really intimate and personal when playing in handheld mode, and we can’t wait for you guys to try it out on your own consoles. The Switch has turned into a great platform for indie games, and we’re proud to see Among the Sleep up there with so many other great indie titles."


Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition features:

- Enhanced edition with new dialogue, better performance & visuals and more
- Put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out what has happened to your mother
- Creep through threatening environments like a twisted forest and a dark house
- Unravel a disturbing story filled with tension, symbolism and psychological horror

No specific release date has been set for the game just yet, although it is said to be arriving on Nintendo's machine this year. Krillbite's blog post ends by saying "it’s real and it’s coming and we’ll give you the release date as soon as we know".

Are you a fan of Among the Sleep? Will you be eagerly waiting for this one on Switch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.