Krillbite Studio, along with publisher Raw Fury, has revealed that a brand new game is currently in the works for Nintendo Switch. Named Mosaic, the title will arrive in "summer 2019".

Mosaic is a mysterious narrative game in which you follow the repetitive and lonely life of an average commuter. The trailer above shows this commuter, living his day-to-day life when, suddenly, some extremely strange things start to happen. "Mysterious" is certainly the right word for it, and we're intrigued to see where the game goes from here.

Very little else is known about the title just yet, but you may be familiar with Krillbite's last project, Among the Sleep. Released on PS4 and Xbox One, this title is a first-person survival horror where you assume the role of a toddler, using interactive objects such as chairs to help yourself get around. Luckily for those not big on being scared senseless, this new game is taking a very different, much less terrifying, approach.


We'll make sure to keep an eye out for any further news on this one as its release draws closer but, until then, why not share your early impressions with us in the comments below. Are you interested in finding out more?