If you're in need of a platform puzzle fix, Cobra Mobile and the publisher Rising Star Games are bringing the magical title Storm in a Teacup to the Switch eShop next week, on 25th October for $2.99.

Here's the full description below:

Storm in a Teacup takes place in a dream-like world that Cloud, the brother to main character Storm, has created. Players will guide Storm through each level, navigating platform jumps, avoiding dangerous enemies, and grabbing sugar cubes and other collectibles to achieve the highest score possible!

In terms of features, Storm in a Teacup promises simple controls, fiendish puzzles across multiple levels and the chance to earn stars as you conquer each stage. The game has also been previously released on mobile devices and PC.

Would a game like this be of interest to you? Take a look at the trailer above and let us know below.