With little over a month before Shining Resonance Refrain hits western shores, Sega has released the very first trailer showing the game running on Nintendo Switch.

For anyone who needs a quick catch up, Shining Resonance Refrain is an expanded, remastered version of Shining Resonance, a JRPG that was released exclusively in Japan on PlayStation 3 back in 2014. Acting as a traditional JRPG with action-based battles, this game also focuses on interactions between your playable characters, with the potential to trigger story scenes which can lead to them dating the next day.

The Switch remaster is set to feature various new additions, including a Refrain Mode which tells an alternate story to the main game. This mode doesn't need to be unlocked - it is a large selling point of the remaster, after all - but it is recommended that players tackle the main game first so that everything makes sense. There will also be two additional party members, and DLC that was available from the PS3 version will be included with your purchase.

If you want to see some English-language footage of the game, take a look at this separate trailer. We challenge you to not chuckle at the "get a load of these beats" line.

The game is expected to launch in the west on 10th July. Will you be playing this one?