Thrice Games' 2.5D platformer Twin Robots is getting a sequel-cum-remake on Nintendo Switch with publisher Ratalaika Games bringing an extended port to Nintendo Switch. Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition, which is currently in development, will include twice as many levels as the original version so you're getting a lot more twitch-style platforming for your buck.

The game, shockingly, stars two robots who attempt to escape a mechanical prison full of traps, dangers, platforms and environmental puzzles and if the new version is as challenging as the Wii U incarnation, you're in for a hair-pulling treat. Co-op play will again feature, so you can share in all that couchplay fun.

No word on when it's due to arrive on Nintendo Switch just yet. Did you play the original, if so what did you make of it. If not, does the trailer pique your interest? Let us know...