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Watt and Volt, the two robotic protagonists (whom we still can’t believe are not related to Chibi-Robo) have been around since 2013 when Twin Robots debuted on the Ouya. They have since trekked their way over to Steam and Wii U, now returning for the ‘Ultimate Edition’ on Nintendo Switch. So is this truly the ‘Ultimate’ Watt and Volt adventure or should we just let them rust for good?

If you are unfamiliar with the previous releases Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is a 2.5D platformer that sees the protagonists labeled as defective. The only way to avoid recycling is to overcome a series of challenges that get increasingly difficult as you progress. Whether you play alone or with another human robot operator by your side, every level starts the same way: one of the robots is imprisoned and about to get squashed by the slowly descending ceiling, while the other looks on helplessly from outside the room. 

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So it's up to the unrestrained one to use running, jumping, climbing, pushing, wall jumping and other platforming tropes to find the release switch (no pun intended) that will set your metal twin free. However, that alone will not clear the level, so you'll need to work as a team to collect energy tabs from the level floor, find hidden batteries and finally plug into the level’s exit door and power it up before you can both escape.

Battery levels are, however, your biggest concern. Every single action the robotic duo performs costs energy. The first few levels will not be troublesome, but proper energy management of both walking tin cans will become an issue if you’re carelessly jumping around the level like one of those crazy DARPA prototypes. Fortunately, both can share energy remotely, so as long as you have at least 100 energy points left to open the exit mechanism and both robots can navigate all the hazards up to that point, you should be fine. If not, time for a restart and some better energy-saving awareness will save the day.

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So far so good, but what does the Ultimate Edition bring to the table? At first glance you will be fooled into believing not much, but set this version side to side with its previous Wii U counterpart and you'll quickly realise it's a much more refined incarnation. The biggest change is the brand new soundtrack. Gone are the eclectic beats of the first game, replaced with more laid back tracks by Levi Bond. The level count has been upped from 28 to 40, with levels that were originally made for the sequel now a part of this game’s campaign. 

There's some extra eye candy that's been added to the backgrounds as well as extra secrets areas spread across all levels. Finding these will unlock the newly added achievements plus secret mini-games, and even the option to custom paint Watt and Volt. Also very welcomed is support for the Pro Controller, something that was sadly missing from on the Wii U version. These new welcome extra nuts and bolts certainly make for a more polished experience on Nintendo Switch.


Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition lives up to its namesake and offers both solid single-player and co-op platforming action for a rather sensible price. If you played and enjoyed the previous versions, there are enough new additions to warrant a new visit while players meeting Watt and Volt for the first time will find this a rather pleasing package whose only really fault is the fact that is landing on a console with a library filled with several other exceptional platforming games.