Team up!

Hey, remember Zoids? Well they're back, in Nintendo Switch form! That's right, the popular '80s toy line is getting a brand-new interactive outing on Nintendo's console, thanks to Takara Tomy. It will be based on the new anime series Zoids Wild, which airs this year in Japan.

While Zoids hit their zenith in the '80s here in the west, in Japan the series remains popular and has inspired a long line of video games, such as Zoids: Full Metal Crash on GameCube and Zoids Saga on Nintendo DS.

Given that Zoids isn't really a strong property outside of Japan these days, it's perhaps unwise to expect this new game to be localised for the west, but you never know. 

In the meantime, we're going to head up to the loft and see if we can find our dusty old Zoidzilla.