The Metroidvania and Roguelike genres are two of the most popular among indie developers these days, so it’s not surprising to see that there’s several developers working to mix these two together in interesting ways. One notable example of this is Dead Cells, a previously PC-only game that combines these genres with a Dark Souls-inspired combat system. It’s made some waves in the community and seemed to be a perfect fit for the Switch, and now Motion Twin has announced that it is indeed coming to the platform.

No specific release date has been put forth yet, but we can expect to see it launch on Switch when the official 1.0 release goes live on the PC. Regular patches and content updates will then keep coming, though the developer isn’t yet ready to announce what kind of new content would be added for the larger updates. Speaking to IGN, here’s what the developer had to say about the Switch version:

The whole team got behind the idea of a Switch release quite early. Not only because two thirds of the team are Nintendo fans (who bought the Switch day one), but also because we easily get five to ten people asking about it every day.

We had the chance to show Dead Cells to them during the GDC 2017, and they instantly thought it would be a great fit for their system. The roguelite aspect of Dead Cells makes it very suitable for short sessions, which is also a unique strength of handheld systems… There’s just chemistry between the game and the Switch.

There also may be some Switch exclusive features on the way, though that will be implemented further down the road. Here’s what was said:

There is definitely room to improve the game experience through Switch specific features, for instance doing even more with the HD rumble; we could try changing the intensity of the vibration relative to the strength of an enemy’s attack, or by making the console rumble more on the right if you’ve been hit from the right hand side.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up for your Switch? What did you think of the PC build? Share your thoughts in the comments below.