Team Meat has announced that Super Meat Boy will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on 11th January, adding a brand new 'Race Mode' into the mix.

For anyone not in the know, Super Meat Boy is a tough-as-nails platformer that has been around for several years across various platforms. After receiving a large amount of requests from Switch fans to bring the game to the console, the developer confirmed that a port was in the works in August. Now, thanks to the tweets below, we have confirmation of a release date and even a small glimpse at this new mode coming to the Switch version of the game.

With the amount of body tensing that happens as a result of Super Meat Boy's challenging levels, perhaps it will be the perfect game to burn off a couple of pounds after the holidays (because that's much better than doing real exercise, right?). Will you be picking up the game when it releases next month? Let us know with a comment below.