Ant Workshop, the studio behind recent, twin-stick focused puzzler Binaries, has announced that their latest project Dead End Job will be coming to Nintendo Switch next year.

The game is a twin-stick shooter that sees you take on the role of Hector Plasm, (an employee of a paranormal pest control company called 'Ghoul-B-Gone'). Your aim is to become the employee of the month, at which point you will be deemed ready to avenge the murder of an ex-coworker. Despite this shockingly dark plot, the game looks like a whole lot fun featuring some lovely cartoon-like artwork and the potential for some great humour.

You can take a look at the game's announcement trailer below.

The game will see you clearing out ghosts that reside in a variety of buildings, using your vacuum pack to suck them up like our favourite, overshadowed plumber. It also features drop-in / drop-out couch co-op play, enabling you to go it alone or easily jump into a game with friends - a perfect fit for the hardware.

This could well be another cracking addition to the eShop's library of multiplayer fun but, until we know for sure, let us know your initial thoughts in the comments below.