Earlier this year Original Journey was confirmed as yet another intriguing title to be on the way to the Switch eShop. Developed by Bonfire Entertainment and published by Another Indie, it utilises a 'pencil art' style with platforming, action and mechs.

Alongside the release of a PC (Steam) launch trailer, Another Indie has also confirmed that the original Q1 2018 Switch release has been brought forward, with the eShop version now due in Q4 2017. Check out the latest trailer and a description below.

Take on the role of The Rookie and embark on a journey across a mysterious alien world. Shoot, race, and platform across the planet's hundreds of floating islands, populated with procedurally generated enemies and loot. When surrounded by seemingly insurmountable enemy hordes , strategically place turrets and unload sci-fi side-arms and other powerful weapons for action-packed tower-defense gameplay.
After completing missions, The Rookie acquires materials to craft and upgrade customizeable mech armor and specialized weapons that will bring enemies to their knees.
The fate of the Ato, a space-faring race, is in the hands of its brave young soldiers. The Origin Stone, an infinite source of energy that could revitalize their home world, is the Ato's only hope. Rumored to be hidden on Planet Shadow by the peaceful but powerful natives, the Ato military invades and conquers in search of salvation. But if they do succeed... what will be the cost?

Are you tempted to pick this up later in the year?