Splatoon 2 is about to hit stores, but it's arrived on the eShop in Japan and some have received their pre-orders early all around the globe. While trying to figure out the Nintendo Switch Online app and generally messing about, your humble scribe clocked the first in-game Miiverse-style posts, following on from equivalents in the demo version.

It's not Miiverse of course, but the spirit is there. We couldn't help but be amused and bemused by some of the early posts, so they're below for your entertainment.

A love for ponies

Boasting about getting early copies

A mutual appreciation of Nintendo hype

A simple hello, which is never a bad thing

Desperately seeking attention

Slightly baffling posts

Commentary on server performance


Art of varying standards, but always nice to see

We think this is a meme

Romance isn't dead yet

There's always one

We look forward to the madness this feature will bring in Splatoon 2.